I've recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety . One situation that has happened lately is really taking a toll on my anxiety . I met a guy online , and I know that he likes me . We've been talking for a while , and are planning to meet each other in a few months . He's starting to get a little socially awkward , so much that he struggles to keep the conversation going . I've called him out on it , thinking that he didn't like me anymore . He's got me constantly worrying , even though he said to me that even though he didn't answer it didn't mean he didn't want to talk to me at the moment . I'm starting to worry all the time about our "relationship" together , but I don't know how to talk to him about it . What should I do ? I want to stop worrying all the time about someone leaving me because I'm being too needy/clingy . My depression has made me feel like I would break apart if I lost someone again . I can't deal with that again .

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  • may I suggest that rather than pursuing an online relationship you should get treatment for your depression. I really don't believe we should be making big decisions in life while in a depressed state.

  • I've already been diagnosed . I'm taking my medicine now for it . I'm starting to feel a little better , so that's why I'm thinking I should figure out what's going on between us right now .

  • maybe you should wait until you are completely done with medication titration and have reached a stable dose before you make big decisions in your life though. Cause it is easy to jeopardize progress you may already have made by introducing a new stressor. So try to

  • I am an "oldster" so online meeting ( except in a group like this which is new to me and I find helpful) for dating is something that is different. If it's making you uncomfortable ( which is understandable) then just stop. In the mean time, hang with those who support you and listen.

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