New here, so time for a proper introduction. Hey, my name is Aidan and I'm eighteen. My family has a history of mental illness, guess I'm no exception. I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, attachment disorder, and schizoid personality disorder. I've been struggling since the age of four, but a suicide attempt at seventeen led to therapy and bam. Now I have names for everything. I don't exactly have people my age to understand me, and I'm kind of alone in everything. I'm actually studying in an early college Psychology class and I came across this site. I thought this might help as my father will no longer drive me to therapy. And I still can't drive, thanks to my anxiety. I don't know. Trying to be open and make friends. I hope you're all having a great day and being strong through it all.

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  • Aidan,

    Welcome to the group. I am a relative new comer myself but have found folks to be very kind and understanding. I seem to have names for everything as well. I guess I will focus on my anxiety and depression for now. I am glad that you found us. Sorry you no longer have a therapist to go to. Was seeing a therapist helpful for you?

    Stay in touch and share as you feel comfortable!


  • Thank you! It's always good to have something to start with to make progress more effectively, yeah? Don't apologize, it's fine. It was actually. It was the first time I had spoke out loud about things that had happened and feelings I was experiencing. It helped thinking there was at least someone that would listen, eased what I was doing to myself. Can't make it through life alone, I guess.

  • It really is good to have others to reach out to. There are a lot of people who will listen to you here. Yea!!!


  • Hey, thank you for sharing, one of the reasons that led me to this sight as well is my family is not supportive in letting me see a therapist on our insurance. I have also been struggling at a young age and its hard because its been going on so long. I'm glad you started to seek out support however thats really great!

  • Support is critical for these problems. If you want to make any changes it's good to bounce ideas off of people who've walked some of the same walk you have or you hope to walk. I have been diagnosed with major depression, GAD, some OCD, fairly new is bipolar II, and self diagnosed PTSD which is much better except for a startle reflex at sudden noise.

  • Hey and this a great place to open up and talk or listen it has helped me So good luck why want your dad drive u . Sorry just don't get it

  • I'm not sure if you're asking why my dad won't take me anymore, or if you're asking why I "want" him to take me. Either way, I'll answer both. At first, he rescheduled an appointment so he could fix his truck. Then after months he basically told me it was inconvienent and that I need to deal with it myself. I also don't really want him to take me, I just need and want to go. There's no one else in my life who is capable of doing so right now.

  • In some areas they have online counseling. I tried it was ok I mean a lot of people do it when they can't leave there house

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