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Audible wheezing causes by anxiety?

Hi everyone,

I've been struggling with this shortness of breath, trouble breathing and audible wheezing for over a month now I've been to several doctor's who have said my lungs sound clear and my radiograph looks fine. During my last visit my PA suggest it was caused by anexity is this possible? Because I've know aniexty can cause sob but wheezing you can hear...idk. The wheezing feels like it's coming from my throat and not my lungame. I know it's not asthma because the albuterol only makes it worse. Its causing my anxiety to be so much worse and it's depressing me. Any suggestions I would be so greatful! Thanks

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Never heated of that be for but my last episode I was sick I was on breathing treatments and I used my inhaler and I caused my self to have a bronchial spasm But I had a Dr tell me I had non wheezing asthma But no I have had several asthma test and nothing passed them all so I really don't know . And my Dr said anxiety and panic can't kill u I have no idea good luck


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