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Advice about hospital

I have a huge fear of psychosis as well as the more severe mental illnesses. I am diagnosed with anxiety and I have a little bit of depression from it. It's been a constant battle and this morning I started on the medication. I have thoughts about what if I see or hear things. What if I believe I'm psychic. What if I think god is sending me signs or controlling my thoughts. All which I know are untruee but cause me major anxiety. Which part of me knows isn't realistic but I'm kind of starting to believe it. Should I go to the hospital and get checked out for psychosis ? I am on my second dose of meds should I wait a few weeks or should I go get checked rosy psychosis.

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Hey there! There's a few things you've hit on here. Let's start with a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay.

First off, what is your support network like? Is there someone you can call if you're in crisis? If yes, awesome! If no, that is the first order of business. You may never need to call anybody, but it's always good to have someone, just in case.

Second, if you should ever experience psychosis, you will not know it's not real. The fact that you know it's false means you're not in psychosis. Support networks are very important in regards to psychosis. Is there someone who will recognize if you're not yourself, and will know to call your crisis person or bring you to the emergency department?

Third, seeing or hearing things that aren't there isn't a problem unless they interfere with your ability to live your life or they begin to give you commands. PLEASE NOTE: If you begin to experience command hallucinations, please seek help immediately.

When in doubt, take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay, and you're doing awesome. Have a great day!


Thank you sooo much. Really helps put my mind at ease. Hopefully the antidepressant will clear up some anxiety and unwanted thoughts. You've been a great help. I'm afraid of psychosis and schizophrenia as well as bipolar and I just need to remind myself that it's just anxiety and depression and that it will all be okay.

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Depression can bring odd thoughts. This is not the onset of schizophrenia. They are only thoughts. Because you are frightened of these thoughts you heighten your anxiety and start the cycle of fears, symptoms, fears...

I think it is easy for anyone to have odd thoughts if they are dwelling on not having odd thoughts. So you have to break the cycle somehow. I would think having a mental health professional tell you the fact that you are not on a path to any type of dementia is the place to start (in my humble opinion). Get checked out - then work with a therapist to try and stop the constant worrying. :-)

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I have an appointment with a psychiatrist soon should I wait or should I go to the er. Thank you for making me feel somewhat normal. My thoughts make me feel like I'm losing it for having such thoughts. I saw something yesterday and today after giving it too much thought I thought oh maybe it was a sign for me to hurt myself. Which I wouldn't do. I also need to stop googling because that's where I read all the symptoms and then think I have them.


I think you just need to face those fears of yours head-on. Fears are for you to conquer. Medication won't do that part of the work for you. So please get into doing some self-therapy on your own, and work on overcoming your fears, no matter how many they are. It usually takes getting to the root reason why you have such fears and countering them with truth and faith.


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