Where did I go?

I felt like I used to be a strong person. I don't know who I am now. I have had slight anxiety, but never like this. I worry, I cry, I feel like I should not go anywhere. When I think about having to go somewhere the panic sets in. I start having bad thoughts, like I'm not going to see family, something may happen. I put on a front on my face so no one thinks anything. I take a pill and nothing works.

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  • I totally understand. I was always a strong caretaker but I fell apart 6 months ago. It does get better. Talk to people and be open and honest about how you are feeling. Meditation helps me. Feel better you got this!

  • Feel better - I can relate and it's been a journey - sometimes medicine is a trial and error until you find the right one has been my experience - stay strong and look for some resources to help w anxiety and panic attacks. When you feel really bad they often sound too basic but when you give them a try and step back they can be helpful to many in long run

  • Your anxiety is called agoraphobia...the fear of leaving your home. I'm sorry that this problem has come to you to struggle with. You can try getting past it by taking baby steps like just stepping on the opening of your door to the outdoors and nothing more. Trying to get somewhat used to that. Then maybe the next day step outside by 1 step. Just 1 step and try to get comfortable with that. And so on. Just breaking new ground very slowly.

    Your goal may have to be getting to the doctor's office to see if you can be put on a medicine for anxiety because it's pretty strong if you can't leave your home. Maybe you can get there sooner if someone else will go with you? Can you drive or does someone else have to drive? It's not safe to drive yourself if you're eaten up with anxiety.

    I have a long list of non-drug resources you may want to look over for anxiety options to try. If you're interested I'll print them here. Just let me know.

    I hope you find the right answer for you and your anxiety asap. Take care.

  • You may feel lost, and eventually you will be found to be a better new you. I can so relate to not knowing who you are anymore. I am still recovering from a traumatic, life changing event that happened 4 1/2 years ago. I had, and have often felt at a lose to who I am, and where I am going. I had found that things I had once enjoyed doing where no longer pleasurable, as well as significant personality shifts. At some point I had made a list of ten or more things that I had enjoyed when I was elementary school age, then attempted to re-visit each one until I found at least two things that were tolerable at least, if not enjoyable. The reason for the list was to try and help rediscover an activity that I had not tried in over ten years or more. As far as the personality shifts, I stopped trying to find myself. Instead of trying to be the person whom I once was, I became the person I currently am. When I started to accept the fact that I have changed, and or evolved into a different person that is when the anxiety and depression began to lift. Today, I AM ME, the NEW BETTER ME, at least that is what I keep telling myself. In some ways I am still discovering who I am and what is my purpose, but isn't everyone? I hope this all makes some sense and in some way able to help you or someone else. Best wishes, and good luck.

  • Thank you for all, I noticed this morning that's when it starts to kick in. Like my mind is awake and now I start to think over everything. Has anyone tried essential oils or something like that? Would it be helpful?

  • i feel the same... i dont take pills but i regret that i've changed and anxiety is making me weaker and scared. i swear the crowd seems like a horror to me....idk but i hope you stay strong and keep fighting your demons and just know you're not alone!! and just dont give up... its hard i know but just try to fight it and soon you'll overcome your fears! #staystrong

  • My exact same feelings. Am doing the best I can, but I hate it. I hope we both (all) get better.

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