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I think I may have anxiety

Can someone help me please. I've been dealing with this for around 2 or 3 years, I'm 18 years old. I can't sleep at night, I haven't gone to sleep at an early time for a couple years. Its not that my mind is thinking of to many things, it's just I can't fall asleep. I also experience chest pain related activity. It always starts at about 1am. I start feeling like my chest is tight and panicky. I feel like I can't get a full breathe. I feel that for a couple hours then my chest will start hurting really bad at about 4 or 5am. I feel like I'm literally breathing through a straw at this point. I eventually fall asleep and when I wake up I'm fine. Every single night its the same thing over and over again. Somebody please help me

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Hi Solomon4321!

You have been dealing with this issue for far too long. You shouldn't have to live with the symptoms. Make sure there is nothing physically wrong. If you are fine physically, seek the advise of a therapist.

I hope you get relief soon.



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