UPs and DOWNs

The thing I understand least is how I can have one good day and one bad day when all the other factors in my life seem the same. When I am not anxious, I am brimming with confidence. When I feel nervous, I obsess about my upcoming trip out of town. I feel like two completely different people sometimes (in this respect).

To reply to my own question, perhaps the reason is not as important as the re-programming of the brain so we can avoid feeling fearful about challenges that can not otherwise hurt us, such as taking a routine trip.


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  • You are on the right track on one way, doing something you enjoy regularly. In short, having a rich private life. Having those extreme "I can conquer the world" highs and those "I am literally the worst person on the face of the earth and I cannot do anything well" lows are called anxiety and depression. That's what it is. What causes it is brain malfunction. Have you seen a doctor or therapist? I know it's taken me different help and different doses of meds over a matter of years but I'm feeling more and more stable and less and less "up and down."

  • I know I am not a bad person. From my perspective, depression is not a concern in my life, but I have anxiety. Sometimes it jars me from sleep even when nothing is consciously bothering me.

    I am no stranger to therapy either. I have met with those who have a plan and have helped me a lot, and I have met with others who can't remember our last session 5 days later and have very little guidance for me.

    I have come a long way from years ago when I had constant anxiety and frequent panic attacks. I just wish I could stamp out that remaining 10%. That last piece of the puzzle.

  • I'm the same way I have really good days and really bad days. I try to take it one day at a time. Hang in there.

  • Yes, we have to try to rise above our worries. Stop fearing the fear. Sometimes it strikes when we least expect it. Sometimes it's SO predictable. Hello anxiety, back again. You have written some great, positive posts on here. I know you can handle the bad days.

  • Thanks Sharon. I appreciate your comments.

    Such duality. Some days I just KNOW I can do things- I can feel it in my bones. Other times- no way! So, usually I force myself, it always works out OK, but such an ordeal to work through all those symptoms. With therapy these days, I am trying to gain more confidence in myself by getting a positive reaction to challenging my fears and anxiety.

  • I experience similar type patterns , I can go a few month feeling great and loving life then say to myself, why am I feeling so good. That thought triggers the start of anxiety.

    Accepting and intergrating the feelings works best.

    Avoid putting emphasis on the reasons why your feeling fear. Accept them and they pass

    Enjoy the day


  • I like it! Thanks Flip!

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