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Video about depression

Repost the video didn't work the first time

Got inspired to make this video after my essay and presentation about the mental health of doctors, was shocked by the stigma that still is associated with mental illness and how it prevents those who are struggling with it from reaching out for help

Please let me know your thoughts and any feedback you might have, I would be very grateful!

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This is very good! You took on a very complicated subject and condensed it into a 5 minute presentation that does a good job of explaining it to the uninformed. You touched on causes and solutions, what not to say to the depressed person and the support that they need. All significant areas to cover. Well done!

Now you might want to tackle going into more depth on each individual subject within the umbrella topic of depression. You never know...you might be helpful in the battle to eliminate the stigma of mental illness even among medical professionals!


Very educating and simple video that helps ppl to get to know about the issue. I like the part explaining neurotransmitter imbalance of this illness.


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