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Gaining Control

I hate how i can be having a prefect day and one simple thing can ruin it and make me obsess over it until i can fix it and if i can't here comes a week of just feeling down and no sleep and wishing i could never leave my bed. Any advice on how to get myself through things before they set me into a depression i have a new job so 90 days til insurance so no med help yet

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I'm sorry to hear about your obsessing and how it gets ahold of you. I guess you have a big dose of it. I'm sure you probably heard of a gratitude list? You sit down and start writing about anything you're grateful for. You'll find that there are so many things in your life to be grateful for it's amazing that we think we have things so bad at all. The list should be huge and so long you can't finish it. This list you can save and think about it any time you start to think depressing thoughts because this list should lift you up to see these many blessings and positives in your life.

About insurance...aren't you covered by Cobra?

Do you have any meds left over from your last appointments? Usually you would be covered by previous prescriptions and app'ts.


I don't have meds bc like many i never wanted to admit i had any issues i just thought i have bad days and ill be okay when my mom passed in 2010 it got worse but when the doc offered welbutrin i said no im just grieving after the birth of my daughter in 2011 it got a lil more i mean happiest time of my life and i was still grieving over mom and her dad walked out and left us and i just said its bc of all that and maybe post partum but it will go away but its getting overwhelming where i feel i cant contol my own emotions anymore and after i react to something i get mad at myself for how i reacted and if i cant fix it i obsess over it and i just feel so hopeless and angry and sad all at once and i shut down for days then all of a sudden im okay. I write alot and i pray now and talk myself through stuff but i admit now i need help. Sorry i know thats alot.


I completely understand how you feel. I started a new job 6 months ago and still do not feel comfortable there due to the job being hard and stressful which then makes me worry and have anxiety. I am exactly like you when it comes to one thing triggering my anxiety and worry and it takes over my mind for a long time. It's called ruminating and I cannot stop. I use to be on medicine but was able to be off for several years. I exercise a lot and it helps but the new job has triggered something I can't fight in own my own. I am making a doctors appointment and asking for Citolpram. It has helped in the past. Helps with obsessive thinking and anxiety. If you ever need to talk it out which helps. I can listen 😉.


Well at least I don't feel as alone now..That's important


I completely understand how you feel one thing and bam the whole day is shot so stressful obsessing. I wish I had some advice don't. But I have recently got rid of my cell phone that way . Everything and one has to wait and I get free time from what ever the stress the cell texts post would bring in. Hope you feel better


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