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Overthinking all damn day

Lately I've been confused about how I feel about my bf and if we should be together or not. I overthink it 24-7 and he's great I just wish I could shoe my demons away from my thoughts and just think positively. I do like him but I feel different than with other guys because he's not my typical "type" and we are opposites. He's my first real boyfriend and he'a great for me. We have fun together and he takes care of me and respects me. He's the sweetest guy I know. How do I make the anxiety lessen? I have recently started exercising again and all cuz I'm normally very unmotivated but I heard that helps.

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So I have to ask does it feel different because he is so good to you..? I mean it seems a lot of the time if we have self esteem issues a parter that is really good will drive us away. Because of some sort of self abuse feeling we aren't worthy or that he deserves better?. I'm just curious. I hope you can figure it out because it is tuff. Hang in there


Hi Deepsunshine,

Enjoy that BF because he treats you right! Don't chase a good thing away! What does this sentence mean? "I have recently started exercising again and all cuz I'm normally very unmotivated but I heard that helps." Helps what? What helps?

Things sound pretty good for you right now so I hope you're able to enjoy them. Don't doubt yourself just because your BF treats you right. Why not have him do that? Who the heck should he date? Why not you? Don't you have enough challenges in your life? Think of what you can do with a guy like him behind you and supporting you.


I have let me over thinking ruin what i felt were good relationships its super hard but you have to tell yourself whatever happens will happen and maybe write down all u worries and concerns but dont speak them and when u create a what if situation give it a positive outcome to counteract the negative. When i say i know how hard it is to put all your fears aside and prepping for the what ifs aside and just be happy i know but vent here or write or a friend dont tell him so he can get to know you and not auto judge u off that and be happy hun.


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