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Anxiety from neck/shoulder headaches?


I woke up feeling sick, I've worried and caused my anxiety to get a hold of me over the last 6-8 mont. I've been suffering with neck/shoulder pain which I think was caused from been on the back of my bf motorbike. I've received physio the last 6-8 month and it's not getting any better, she can't seem to relax my muscles in my shoulders the trapezius muscle. She has now offered me acupuncture which I'm to afraid to get done as it can cause you to feel faint sometimes which scares me as I've had these feelings with anxiety and I know if it happens it will cause an anxiety attack. I was in hospital and put straight onto monitors heart machines as my heart rate went up to 150 out of nowhere I was watching a film with my bf I tried all the breathing techniques drank a lot of water but didn't help, I then started feeling very faint pins and needles type of faint all over my body I was convinced that I would die before getting to the hospital, my bf drive me there in the car whilst I had my head practically out of the window. As I was sat in the hospital they made me wait which I thought was stupid it seemed to of settled a bit I sat down and I remember a bloke saying you don't look to good which makes me feel worse. I then got called through into triage my heart rate was 110 they then sent me straight into a ward with computers and I got an ecg the nurse left after about 10 mins it came on again I rushed over and said look it's happening again she said take a seat and she attached me to a ecg that was running constant, they took an X-ray and said it looked fine, this was about 5 month ago.

Now I'm stuggling nearly everyday I've got terrible dry skin, just had a kidney infection, and neck/shoulder pain with headaches 8 month im convinced it's cancer just cannot shake my negative thoughts about the headaches and neck/shoulder pain. I've had an X-ray and im awaiting results I'm going to push for an MRI to as I want to know why I'm in so much pain. and if it is really my neck/shoulder pain causing the headaches.



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