Looking for any tips, tricks, or ideas on how to make going to work and being at work easier. Like everyone here I struggle with major depression and anxiety. Most days I can pull off the "Fake it, till' you make it" at work. I was just curious if anyone had any suggestions, new ideas or different point of views to help, while dealing with these issues and still going to work. Thanks for listening to me :) love and light!~

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  • For myself, I can say that going to work without having my depression and anxiety under control would be impossible and would be risking my job. Instead I have gone to psychiatrists through the years and when my psychiatrists weren't qualified to counsel me, I've gone separately to a counselor. Together they have helped me back to normalcy and being myself so that I'm not risking my job socially due to depression symptoms or anxiety symptoms.

    I had to be on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds. I couldn't have worked without them. I hit difficult years near the end. Due to benzodiazepine use of many years, my memory began to have gaps and that doesn't cut it in a medical lab job. I had a doctor get caught up in a divorce and ugly child custody battle and neglect his patients and I had a nervous breakdown due to job pressures and the Dr. not getting my prescriptions called in. This also prevented me from working. Not good.

    I must go now...Bye!

  • That's what I'm worried about, losing my job. I am on medication, and it kinda works, sometimes. Other days I am so forgetful, make huge mistakes, spend the day crying at my desk, or hiding in the bathroom crying. Luckily when I do break down I can stay in my office away from everyone for the most part. Also, I have a very understanding boss, however he does not know about my condition.

    I have told my psychiatrist that the meds aren't working and the only thing he said he is willing to do for me now is, Transcranial magnetic stimulation, which I can't afford. So I made an appointment to see a therapist on Monday :) Hopefully that will help.

    Thank you again for the response :)

  • Omigosh! How many antidepressants and mood stabilizers have you tried now that your psychiatrist is giving up on drugs? Please answer asap!

    I don't think your crying and low mood is hidden from your coworkers or boss as much as you seem to think it is. You need to be treated and really helped as much as possible as soon as possible.

  • So I have been on; Celexa (which worked pretty good), Lexapro, Prozac, Cymbalta, Viibryd, Wellburtrin, Lithium (which also worked) pretty good), Depakote, Abilify, Clozapine, and Trazadone (for sleep).

    Currently on Prozac, Viivbryd, and Trazadone. The Trazadone works great for sleeping :)

  • Do you know why the doc didn't increase the drugs that worked pretty well? Trazodone is known for it's great ability to help people get to sleep.

  • My GP is the one that prescribed the two that worked the best. However when I started seeing my Psychiatrist he took me off of them, and put me on new meds. No idea why??? Your guess is a good as mine lol

  • I would tell the psych Dr. as plainly as I could what drugs worked and how I want him to prescribe 1 of the drugs that worked and adjust the dosage until it's right.

  • Everyone is different- but sometimes just talking to an empathetic human can be freeing if its the right one. Also, do you know what is causing this- such as stress or being overwhelmed?

  • What causes the stress is my need for perfectionism. When I'm anxious/depressed I tend to make lots of errors. Which in turn makes me worry that one day I will get fired. And getting fired would be devastating, as I am the sole provider for our house. Its a continuous vicious cycle.

    Right now I'm just going moment to moment, and hoping for the best. :)

  • I give you credit for being so caring about your job which I am sure carries over to your other life as well. I tend to procrastinate, and also have depression and regret about things from the past, and I am older. Hey, when we're anxious we tend to make errors. It sounds like you are too hard on yourself. Give yourself a big hug.

  • I think if going to work is so difficult, periood you could search for a job that's more interesting. Something that really sparks your interest. If this isnt a possibility then maybe you could make your job more interesting. I dont know what you do but putting yourself out there and socializing more eith the people around you might help. Like bringing a box of donuts or complementing that one person you see but never really talk to.

  • Thanks you the response, understand, and ideas :)

    I've have looked for other jobs, unfortunately I have not found one yet that pays enough to support my family. I am the sole provider.

    Going to the socializing with the people I work with a try, hopefully that will lower my anxiety, and bring more personable relationships. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.

  • Keep in mind that starting a new job is always stressful because of the learning curve of having to learn all the details of a new place and position and people no matter how easy it seems at first. Staying where you are with the familiar even if it's not your ideal saves you a lot of stress.

  • The good news is that you say you have depression yet you are working. It's not easy but somehow you are doing it which means you are strong and centered. Still we all need a place to breathe.

  • Thank you for your kind words, just what I needed today :)

  • You are welcome. I lost a job about a decade ago, and have been doing smaller ones since. I worry every day- but there is only so much I can do. I also have other things that kick in that I blame myself for and ruminate, and I am older.

  • It's rough when you're working with other people, hopefully you like (most) of the people you work with. It's hard to feel depression & have to deal with family, other things, life in general. I always try to pick a favorite song( lol) I

    Know or songs & kinda put an imaginary CD on invisible loop in my

    Mind. Also if you are spiritual daily passages or affirmations that are daily. I can send them to you 1x a week if you'd like,covering 7 days, an inspirational affirmation for everyday. I find them really helpful. Also I know with family it's really hard , try to find some time for you. Catch a comedy. Lots of beautiful places to explore. In the grind you can even tell yourself, "

    I'm having a hard time, I'm struggling, &

    I'm not feeling happy about my current situation, on the upside, I'm thankful I have a job to go to, etc , think of all the good things in your life that bring you joy. Life will never be perfect, no matter what society, media, people, will try & lead you to believe. There are things in life that we don't like, make us unhappy, we want to change, we must be gentle with

    Ourselves. Pick the most important situation first in this instance. Also smiling being nice even when you're not feeling it really does work, I find. I used to work with some pretty devious, conniving people & I used to take it personally( kind of hard not to) when the abuse/ harassment directed @ you. Know I just really pity people that are determined to bring others down( misery loves company, so so true) these are sad, immature angry people & know I just bless them in passing & am so thankful I'm not them. Compassion is key. You sound like an amazing mother, woman, friend. Be kind to you, be sure to fill your reserves. If you're not happy with your job, maybe look into retraining to do something else that you would truly enjoy.

    Lastly you say most people you are working with have major depression as well, that would not be a pleasant environment to walk into everyday.

    Explore your options.

    Look for something different if possible, practical & feasible.

    Try to remove yourself from that toxic environment depression is sad & it's not their fault either, but as far as your health goes that doesn't sound like its a very healthy environment to have to be in on a regular basis.

    Best To Always 👍🏼


  • Also whenever you see some one new ask your former Dr. For medical report it's all EHR pretty much now, so they have patient portals you can

    Print right off of with your dx. A list of your meds & visit notes.

    That helps to give them background of your medical hx & more confidence knowing it's documented, because of the climate in certain cities, they are very hesitant to prescribe effective Rx or any @ all so if you could get your pertinent info. Medicine list, how long you've had dx & taken meds that will help enormously. Unfortunately because a lot of ppl & a particular local Dr that was disbarred(icense suspended) in "14". He had his license revoked in "05".

    Nine people's deaths are attributed to him directly along with Rx meds to a know drug addict, methadone😳, Medicaid fraud , improper record keeping. You get the gist.

    Just make sure you have all your data & as much as you can get your hands on cause it seems like every time you see a new Dr. Nowadays you feel like you're in a courtroom defending your character & intentions, too sad

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