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Anxiety & worrying won’t go away


I have gotten a job offer!

This is great, since I’ve been unemployed since January.

But, of course, I still have anxiety. It’s just attaching to different things now.

Will the atmosphere at this job be toxic, like it was at my last job? I hope not. It’s a very similar environment to my old job. I try to remember that my old job was good, until our first supervisor left. That was when things started going south. I liked that job until then.

Also, I have a (probably) irrational fear that my boyfriend will ask me to move out now that I’ve got a job. This is because I’m scared that I ruined our relationship beyond repair. (Even though he did agree to try again, and he did say he loves me.)

I have always had anxiety floating around me, attaching itself to anything it can grab. I just have a better class of problems now.

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Maybe you need someone else to tell you that all your worries are illogical, distorted, unrealistic, or just plain wrong. So I'm telling you all that.

Please give yourself a chance to be happy. Something good just happened to you! Just keep moving forward, one step at a time.

Kat63 in reply to jkl5500

I know, right??

jkl5500 in reply to Kat63

Most of my first sentence was from Dr. David Burns' book "Feeling Good". I don't know if you're a big reader, but I just wanted to let you know.

Kat63 in reply to jkl5500

I love that book! A therapist recommended it to me many years ago, and I really got a lot out of it.


Congrats!! With new steps there will always be new anxiety but also new hope.

Don't worry about your relationship. It may be affecting how you are with him. Is it related to the past? Are you repeating some of your actions that made you break up. Try a carefree approach. Worry will only hurt you and the relationship. Love him to death and see what happens.

Congratulations Kat! I understand your anxiety . Try to really focus only on living in the moment, only the here and now, and refuse to dwell upon negative thoughts that come worrying about the future. Don't give those negative thoughts that fuel you anxiety any merit. When they come, dismiss them and CHOOSE not to spend time thinking about them. You CAN do this! And your new job will likely be very much be to your liking

. Celebrate your new job! Congrats!!!!

Yes enjoy this great opportunity that could possibly be better than you think! I too am currently looking for a job because I quit my last because the environment was toxic and it was taking a toll on my mental health and I would just be mad or cry after work. I understand the worry cause I feel the same when thinking about a new job I can get I just want it to be better too.

I do the same when my bf tells me he loves me and wants to work through things it’s like I doubt him but trust me just try to believe the best as I am trying too as well.

Anxiety will take everything from us if we let it, so let’s do what we can to take our power back.

Good luck and congrats!

Congrats Kat! Things are looking up for you!

That's great news Kat, hope you like your new job :)

Yes, congratulations! I think many of us tend to struggle with "what-if's". When I recognize I am doing this, I have to stop myself and find ways to remind myself of Truth. It is also helpful to surround ourselves with those sho can speak Truth to us. I wish you well!

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