Anexity taking over

I have been diagnosed and living with anxiety for 16 years now I've tried so many doctor and they all came up with the same thing. I'm so afraid all the time I'm gonna die and it's beginning to effect my work. I thought I was the only one living with this till I searched online. I really need help it's been too long the light headed ness the fears of death and I just don't know what to do.

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  • Hi aliciaalyssa,

    I have very high anxiety too, if left alone. But mine is treated with medicine and counseling. I am just fine and calm and collected and happy! For the last 29 years that I've had this disorder. Have you ever seen a psychiatrist about this? Or any doctor? You can live a normal life I'll bet. Similar to me. Why not check it out and see?

    I would go to a psychiatrist because this is their specialty and they know the right diagnosis and drugs that will work for you. I don't fool around with my health, I go to the best there is. You can look up psych Drs. and counselors on the website Psychology Today and see their picture, their philosophy, education, specialties, costs, insurance accepted and so on. It's worth feeling good again, isn't it? I'm cheering for you, I want you to feel better asap.

  • I have tried many doctors I am on meds but this pass few weeks it seems like it's not working. Here where I live not many people empathise with mental disorders it hard to get them to believe but right now it's not about them I just wanna enjoy my life and live instead on wanted to make sure I'm near a hospital cause I think I'm dying

  • Not many people anywhere understand or even try with mental illness. We have to talk with other people with mental illness.

    Why do you think you're going to die?

  • U may have gotten to the point where your body is used to having a particular dose of a medicine. It is common for that to happen. U may need your dose increased or to switch meds for a bit. Break the stereotype that is around you. Start with those closest to u then have them help u expand from there. I was diagnosed in high school in 1997. I missed most of the first half of my senior year. When I got back to school, despite the looks and questions that were milling around, I stood up in front of each of my classes and explained what happened. I expected ridicule and being laughed at since we were teenagers are teenagers can be cruel. The opposite happened. People were supportive and commended me for being brave enough to share my story. It helped a bit that each senior had to learn about mental health in health class that year. I do believe that mental health education should be taught in schools to help students who are suffering in silence. Keep pushing and let those closest to u support u. Change has to start somewhere. Best of luck.

  • Thank you I too usual share my experience with those close to me but haven't with many others

  • U will know when u r ready.Start with someone u know but is not in your inner circle. U will be surprised at how many people actually suffer from anxiety and depression

  • The sudden things that happen light heart racing light head fear of closing my eyes because they may never open again. The doctor days these are all signs of anxiety but they are scary. I don't drive anymore because I fear of passing out while driving. When these feeling happen I wanna go to a doctor fast to make sure I'm not having a heart attack or something similar

  • This is called "health anxiety" and is only anxiety not a real health crisis. There is nothing wrong with you but anxiety which can feel terrible but you won't die from anxiety. You must tell your prescribing doctor that your anxiety is still very very strong and you would like the medicine you are on adjusted to cover the anxiety. That's the only way you won't get these symptoms you have written about. Do you understand?

  • When you get desperate to rush to a doctor with your symptoms, you feed the anxiety and it gets worse and worse. You need to stop and breathe more slowly and not to rush around trying to get to a doctor who can't save you from a heart attack you aren't having.

  • My heart has been fluttering and I get dizzy.. lost my appetite and I just feel so so so exhausted. It's pretty scary:(

  • I've been through that.on many occasions

  • Thanks you I will speak to him

  • I am sorry you are feeling like this. You will find the light at the end of the tunnel. Some times that light is so little, but hold on to it. Life worth it!!

  • Thank you

  • have you tried a spiritual answer to what is in reality a spiritual problem - have you a faith in God, he will take you through a long process where you begin to trust him to deal with your anxiety - please send me a message if you would like to down this path or in fact are already on it



  • I am actually trying that thank you

  • ok, I'll get back to you about 10:00 this evening

  • I feel exactly the same way 💔

  • I also agree that this is very important and a very hopeful way to go. Keeping my heart and soul straight with God and loving him is my greatest source of peace and happiness and joy.

  • I have this health aniexty also. The best answer I can give is to allow yourself to go through it. It is incredibly scary, but your mind and body are telling you something. Someone told me not to think about long term things just what I need right now and stay away from anything unhealthy that may damage your precious mind body and spirit. Also have a list of people you can talk too or ways that will get you in the present. I right now am a work in progress, I am using medication and I believe it will help. I know I have made it through things before and I am working to believe I will make it out of this.

  • I'm gald I found a group who understands

  • I just found this site and reading about everyone else that have the similar struggles I have , the anxiety about breathing and the panic is so overwhelming and uncomfortable at times I just don't know what to do but I have learned from here not to run but try to stay calm and slow it down, its just that awful feeling of suffocating and then the numbness and tingling, need I go on.....

  • Does your employer have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? If so, get involved with it. You can inquire via your HR department. If work is becoming a struggle, you may want to consider a short term or long term medical leave. Your job would be protected until you get back or you can use the time to heal and look for a new job, one that has lower stress.

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