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How can I get help?

Hi everyone. I'm new to the group. I have crippling depression and anxiety and I currently cannot afford a therapist and psychiatrist. I'm a recent college graduate and it's been really hard to get a job. I used to get help from a therapist when I was in college because I was on my school's health insurance. Now I don't have that and I'm struggling to get by. I have no family to help and I didn't qualify for Medicare because they said I'm too young. Does anyone have advice for getting help with very low income?

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There are alternatives to a therapist, it is recommended but, as for right now considering your financial state, there are other outlets that can be used. First, using this site to at least say what is on your mind is a great way to decompress. Friends are good as well. coping mechanisms like reading and drawing. Therapy is a good way to get help, but letting the idea that you cannot get into therapy at the moment, shouldn't control your outlook on life. You can make it a goal to motivate you into getting a job if it is hard to approach people. Hope for the best, but expect the worst.


I would check to see if you are eligible for any financial assistance. Try looking in to your state's version of Obamacare. You should be eligible for a subsidy. Medicare isn't an option if you're under 65, but there should be other programs that you would qualify for. What state do you reside in?


Hello. There are many resources that are available to you that can help. There are online groups like this as well as local live support groups that are part of religious organizations or community centers. Sometimes a close friend or trusted neighbor can also be a tremendous source of comfort. If you're a spiritual person, then hold onto your faith. No matter what you choose, you are not alone. The only limitation is that, in addition to talking, if you will need any medicine to help you, you'll have to locate a free clinic or hospital in your area for an evaluation and prescription.


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