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Fear of Choking & Dying?

Hey... New here.. This is both a sort-of-rant & a question. When I was a really young kid (before 7th grade), I had 4 instances where I choked on hard candies & a vitamin. 2 of the instances my mom performed the Heimlich on me & saved me. During 1 instance with a jolly rancher, I managed to hit myself enough in the abdomen to regurgitate it up (that was pure terror). Another time when I was 12 I was choking on hard candy during a studying period at school. About 20 other kids, the teacher, & a police officer stood/sat there in silence & watched me choke. I had to save myself. After that last experience, this intense fear of choking & dying while trying to swallow pills/capsules/softgels or eat/suck on hard candy gradually developed.. I remember that my mom gave up when I was around 15 trying to get me to continue taking my women's supplements. I just can't swallow a pill. This fear & dread that I might die when put it in my mouth makes me regurgitate it back up no matter how much liquids I drink with it. Makes my heartbeat race and I imagine myself dying slowly & painfully and I remember all the times I've choked & how painful & terrifying it felt... But the thing is, I have moderate to severe depression, and when I get antidepressants prescribed to me, what should I do?? How can I take pill form medication if I have this intense fear of taking pills??

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Tell your doctor of your Phobia. Ask for meds that can be crushed up and are not extended release so you can add it to applesauce or whatever.

I had a fear growing up of swallowing pills are well so i get it. No matter what i did I would let that pill sit and the back of my through knowing the second i swallowed it would not go down right and make me choke. I did get past it though by starting off with very small vitamins. I mean the size of a pea and they are all the gel formed ones, not the caps. They are like gelatin. You have to remember that something that size, you swallow much much larger sized food when you eat. Knowing that I eventually became ok with those and moved up to the next size which is still small. You can beat this Phobia if you take it in steps. i still have a hard time with "hoarse pills" and will cut them up if they aren't time release and put them in a smaller gel cap.

The above is assuming you dont have a legit diagnosed inability to swallow. I am guessing it is not because you said nothing about regular food. Mine all stemmed from eating pizza when it was still hot and the cheese would still get all stringy. I remember choking on it and from that point on... it all began.

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