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it has been 5 weeks and 4 days on bupropion sr 150 (generic wellbutrin) and was hoping to see some results. I heard it can take 6-8 weeks to work, anyone have any advice on this? I was supposed to go to doc on Monday but I didn't want to waste the money because about a week and a half ago, he asked me to stick it out of the anxiety side effects and it will level out, when? I can't seem to take much more. Also any advice about getting out of bed and accomplishing house hold chores would be greatly appreciated.

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  • You're almost to 6 weeks so you might as well keep going because any day now you could start to feel a benefit and lose a side effect. Wellbutrin/bupropion can cause anxiety more so than most antidepressants. You don't say which side effects are bothering you so I'll just put that one out there.

    About getting out of bed: It is the hardest thing you will do all day! That initial push to get started is the toughest move we make. Once we do that and we keep on moving, we get engaged in what we're doing and we keep going with it becoming easier and easier to remain engaged. So put a lot of effort into that initial push and the 1st 5-10 minutes and things will get easier after that for the most part.

  • you are correct it is increasing anxiety, that can be paralyzing at times, I will try and get up and moving more.

  • Good for you! I know it's hard.

  • It takes time with the wellbutrin. I'm 450mg with other medications.

  • if you don't mind me asking what other meds and are they working for you? Nothing seems to be working for me and it's almost a year 😞

  • I'm on Wellbrutrin Cymbalta and Lexapro. That was after a while of trying different cocktails. I also had to test out dosages before we got it right. It's frustrating I know but good luck.

  • thanks, I am going to call the doctor on Monday because my life is just passing me by, I don't shower or clean. I just seem to lay in my stupid bed and do nothing. I want so much to clean and do laundry. My kids and husband play video games all day and I feel crap. I need motivation and I can't seem to find any, any suggestions?

  • If u are not seeing a social worker you should start right now. Depression can't be treated with just medication. You will have to ask your family to step up to the plate. This disease requires an extremely supportive and understanding family. If ur husband doesn't get than have him go to therapy with you. I have also tried meditation. It's hard in the beginning but I have found it really centers me.

  • I see a therapist but it's only every 2 weeks but on the bright side we are supposed to go to marriage counseling on Tuesday, I am crossing my fingers it helps, we aren't talking for the most part. He is disabled and almost died last year and I haven't been the same since. My boys are young to do much but they try. My mom and dad are having health issues and I don't really have anyone to help. Friends here and there, but nothing constant, I think they are afraid of me.

  • Oh, yes, I know that kind of thinking. Your friends are afraid of you...they seem to think whatever you have is contagious.

  • It's easy to feel trapped by your style of life. I generally feel the same way and when I think about my alternatives things seem better. My alternatives are not better. It's just me thinking my way out of a trap.

  • Thanks Hanna wish I could think like that

  • How are you feeling now? The brand name Wellbutrin worked great for me but now it is so expensive that I had to take generic. The results I got on the Wellbutrin this time was terrible. I became more anxious and fearful and much more depressed. Everybody says to keep taking it and wait awhile when this happens with these drugs which is what I did. For me that was very wrong. 5 months on Wellbutrin and I realize I was experiencing the Black Box warning.

  • oh my goodness, hopefully you got this straightened out. I quit the bupropion but I haven't started anything else, I am afraid to.

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