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(Sorry another post today). I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations about what type of medication is good for both severe GAD, agoraphobia, panic disorder, social anxiety and depression?

I will be going to my GP about this and telling her all my information however I just wanted some real-life, experienced opinions, it would be so much appreciated :)

Peace and Love

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  • Everyone is different so often it's a case of trial and error before you find one that suits you.

    There are no medical professionals on here, only fellow sufferers, so we cannot give medical advice. Good luck.

  • Yes I understand you are not medical professionals I was just asking for opinions.

  • Yes I know but because we are all different our opinions wouldn't help you much as what suits one person doesn't necessarily another. For example I take sertraline for my depression but some people suffer bad side effects on it. Others take diazapam for anxiety but it doesn't suit some. Do you see what I'm saying?

    As you have several conditions you might need to be on more than 1 med too.

    Why not look up the type of meds used on google? Your doctor is the best one to ask about which meds would be suitable.

    You could always ask your pharmacist as well because they are a fount of knowledge about all drugs.

  • I understand yes. Again I was just merely asking for opinions, nothing deeper than that. I appreciate hearing what different people have to say. I have done my research on google and mainly from books also. I simply would appreciate hearing other people's experiences. I'm not basing my possible medication judgement on other people's experiences, I'm just interested and enthusiastic about gathering as much information on the matter as possible. Personal opinions do matter.

    Peace and Love

  • Well sertraline suits me. Prozac and mirtazapine don't if that's helpful :)

  • I have tried a few different meds for my anxiety. Currently I am taking Prozac which has been working for me. I was also taking anafranil with it but I recently weaned off of it because my dr thought it was causing weight gain. I used to take Celexa which worked well but some of my symptoms changed so I switched to Prozac. If any of your immediate family members have tried these kinds of meds and had a bad reaction to them, tell your Dr because you might have the same reaction.

  • I hope you and your Drs. can find the correct combination for you as we're all different. I've gone through many medication combinations with my Psychiatrists trying to find the correct one for me. It took about a year of adjustments and finally found one that worked with no side-effects. We found that taking Klonopin (Clonazepam) for my anxiety, Lamotrigine (seizure med) for Bipolar disorder and Setraline for depression worked for me. I'm happy to say that I've weaned off of meds for anxiety and depression but still on the Lamotrigine and probably will be for life. Good luck to you . . . peace.

  • Lexapro worked well for me. I would highly suggest staying away from any drug in the benzo class if you can--I have been on klonopin for a while, you develop tolerance and it stops working, and then, for many, it can be a horror show to get off (right now I am experiencing that horror show). I currently take remeron which helps with anxiety--not sure about depression, I am at a low dose so I don't think it helps much with that.

  • Hopefully your gp refers you to a good psych doc because that's a very specialized field and alot of gps aren't comfortable dealing with mental or emotional issues. And as the above mentioned it really does come down to trial and error. Mostly because meds attach to certain parts of the brain and it may take time to find the one that works with your particular problem area. As for me it took atleast 6 years and about 15 different meds to get where i'm more stable. Right now lamictal and klonopin have done ok. We recently added trazadone for sleep and an extra antidepressant. Getting a good night sleep has done wonders. But see your gp and start making a plan to you started. It may take awhile. Hope this helped. Remember: you got this. Best of luck.

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