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Hi I'm Taylor and I'm 23. I was diagnosed with ADD, anxiety, and depression when I was in the 3rd grade. After I graduated high school my depression seemed to calm down. However, this past summer I left all of my family and friends and moved to SC with my boyfriend of 8yrs. Since moving I've noticed a significant increase in my anxiety and depression. I can't afford therapy bc my insurance doesn't cover enough of the cost. Hoping this community can help me somewhat.

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Hi Taylor!

I have anxiety and depression, too. I do pretty well on my meds. Nice to see you here. I suppose you're experiencing an increase in anxiety and depression because you're away from all of the people you know. A kind of insecurity. New surroundings are the unknown. At least that's my guess. We get comfortable with the familiar and uncomfortable with the unknown. I hope you'll soon acclimate and feel comfortable with your new home environment.

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Go back home. That will instantly remove all that hostility and anger building up. You don't want to move just because everyone else is. Do what you love not what you want. Go back home, work on yourself. Break up with dude. If he hasn't tried to help you with your mental illness he never will. Once a cheater always a cheater remember that. Fix yourself. I wouldn't even worry about him, he'll find someone knew before you can even blink your eye. Don't sweat the small things. He's not the one anyways! So don't stress over him, let him work his self into a whirlpool of stress and depression. And that's your que to go. LEAVE GO HOME. WORK ON TAYLOR! MY NAME IS TAYLOR TOO, SO I FEEL YOU. go home don't worry about him. He's not even worried about how you feel.


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