Hi, I'm new to the group and I suffer from anxiety, and depression. Not to mention the million other health issues I have. I have been feeling horrible, my anxiety has never gotten this bad before, I lost it a few days ago and I'm really trying to stand back up. I am searching for help and trying to stay positive instead of letting the monster inside me win. I really hope this group helps me feel better and remind me that I'm not alone.

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  • Hi natali01 your not alone were all in the same boat!have you been to see your dr.?for medication or are you trying to beat it yourself!best wishes britishbulldog

  • I recently had my first episode and spiraled out. I haven't seen my dr yet I'm waiting for my appointment in 2 weeks. I'm trying to beat it myself and just do may best till then.

  • A doctors appointment really should be sooner!regards britishbulldog

  • Good luck!

  • You're not alone. So many of us suffer from the same feelings. Good luck with the doctors appointment and keep us posted!

  • Your not alone I smashed some plates and glass ware with a hammer a few nights ago at 2am it made feel better although some thought I was crazy but who cares we all have some crazy jus a different degrees WELCOME

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