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Hello, I'm a 20 year old female and suffer from anxiety and depression. My anxiety has recently spiraled out of control. I don't think I can fight this alone anymore.

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You're not alone. Know exactly how you feel

Hello. Im going through exactly the same i cant have a proper sleep as i feel like am dying when a go to bed and have weird feelings in my head and sizzling feeling in the back of the head am scared ive got something wrong with my brain

Booksandtea, you never have to fight this alone. You need a therapist and possibly some medication. You will have to get a psychiatrist for meds and they will ask you questions about your symptoms . Don't be fearful, most of us with anxiety and depression have the same two things. You need someone to help you. Write often.Liti

Thank you so much

Have you looked to a therapist of any kind? There are many methods to help you organizeyour mind a bit so you can come back from the onslaught.

You don'thave to go at it alone.

If there are any local support groups I would highly recommend that. You don't feel alone with your problems when you can talk to some other people with similar concerns.

I have, I am meeting with my doctor to start some medication to help with what I'm going through.

You are not alone, many of us struggle everyday just like you. From experience I suggest you see a Psychiatrist. They can prescribe medication that will help. It will be baby steps at first, but you will get to the place of feeling better. Remember progress not perfection. :)

Thank you, I am going to be meeting with my doctor in a week to start some medication to help with what I'm going through.

You can and you will. See a therapist and have a good support network. If you work, see if your HR department has EAP.

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