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I have been battling depression for years. As of now I have an issue with unexplained anxiety (tense muscles, feeling nervous for no reason etc.) I was taking medication a few months ago, but as some may understand I did not want to be on them forever. Im keeping the door open to go back to therapy, but for now I could use all the advice I can get for coping with anxiety

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  • Anxiety is so often unexplained until we find a good counselor to talk about our issues. I hope you can find one. I wish I had a better answer but that's a good start. Tense muscles are an ongoing theme here and it usually always leads back to anxiety. Vicious circle! I understand not wanting to be on meds forever, no one really does, but they can be of help in the meantime. Any kind of basic exercise and deep breathing are great relaxation techniques.

  • I can understand not wanting to rely on medicines. Unfortunately you are experiencing problems that seem to require meds and definitely require counseling. You need a good Dr., preferably a psychiatrist for an accurate diagnosis, and a good counselor. You can learn a lot about how to manage without meds but you might need some now just to control the anxiety & depression until you get more skills in handling them. The wrong diagnosis can lead to the wrong meds and counseling so please consider getting diagnosed by a psychiatrist. You only want to take what's needed and no false starts on the wrong medicine and counseling.


  • I have a question for you. If you had diabetes and needed insulin to manage it, would you take it? Why not take meds for an equally dangerous diagnosis like depression and anxiety? That plus therapy is why I am alive today. Also why I'm thriving. Please keep an open mind to meds.

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