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Caffeine and anxiety



My anxiety and panic attacks have been very bad now for a good while. I have drank coffee for years in the morning and since my anxiety have gotten out of control, I feel that drinking coffee makes it worse. I do understand that coffee has caffeine so the reason why I get nervous is because of the caffeine, I’m just curious to see if anyone have adjusted their diet or caffeine intake due to their anxiety. It’s going to be hard to get rid of my morning coffee because I have done it for years! But I hate the feeling of it now , as I feel nervous and agitated. I never had this issue before until I was diagnosed with anxiety. Anyone ?

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I drink tea now in the morning as I have given up coffee, it really helps. I also gave up refined sugar ( it’s really hard ) this too has helped the anxiety. I notice my energy level is higher after giving both of these up.

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that made me smile

I don't drink anything with caffeine, including iced tea and coke, pepsi or mountain dew. Some people say the most used drug in the world is caffeine. If you stop the coffee, it may be may miss the caffeine physically for awhile. May be easier to cut back on it gradually.

I cut coffee out of my diet and it helped my anxiety. Because I missed having coffee, I found an herbal coffee called teecino. It doesn’t taste exactly like coffee but I like it. My favorite flavor is chocolate mint and I always add almond milk or milk to it.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

I stopped drinking coffee as well, I do drink tea though. I also am trying to eat healthier and stay away from processed foods as much as possible. I hope when my anxiety gets better I can resume drinking a little coffee again since I really do miss it.

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Thank you for all the responses. I’m definitely going to try to limit the amount of caffeine. Either way it won’t hurt on the long run. Thank you for the suggestions!

I don't drink coffee anymore because of this. The moment I take a sip I feel like poison has hit my blood stream. It's an awful feeling causes my anxiety to go thru the roof. Decaf didn't help either due to the fact that low and behold it has a small amount of caffeine in it. Sugar is another one that does this to me as well.

I can totally relate Mena2603! And the worse part is for me the effect last a while. It leads to feeling panicky. I’m thinking gearing towards healthier tea options.

Good idea I hope it works out for you❤

leave the caffeine out completely. get the equally gorgeous de-caff and enjoy.

Absolutely ! Thanks ! :)

Due to my ADHD meds, if I even drink like a glass of tea watered down I'll get anxious. I still get tired, as a normal human does working and going to school, and I have had to choose a nap over staying up another couple of hours studying and being so anxious I can't actually study. It has been hard getting rid of coffee because I love it a lot, but I have realized (after countless times drinking it and regretting it) that it's just better not to drink it unless it's decaf. Although I am still struggling, I hoped that helped you a little. Also, try to have something else "wake you up" whether it be a loud YouTube video, an interesting podcast on the way to work, or just some excersize. 😊

The thought of giving up caffeine and sugar makes me want to assume the fetal position in the corner of a room.

Yeah, I might have a problem....

I was actually in the same boat as you. I was drinking coffee since I was 7-8 years old (almost 23 now) and when my anxiety got bad coffee did nothing but make it worse. At first I could drink two cups no problem, then it went down to one, then half a cup.

Now sadly, I drink decaf which sucks at first but I can't let go of coffee and at this point will take what I can get.

Tea's okay for me, but I switched to decaf for that too just in case.

It certainly does suck giving up something as precious as coffee but it's for the better.

I'm hoping one day I'll be able to return to normal coffee, maybe you will too :)

I feel it too when I drink cokes, coffie

If it didnt make you feel anxious before you developed anxiety, why give it up, why give in to anxiety? I drink more coffee than ever and enjoy tea too. I probably take them both with too much sugar. I dont care if it makes me feel anxious. Certainly dont feel anything different.

I suppose the point i am making is to stop caring if you feel anxious and stop arranging your life around anxiety, avoiding stuff. Anxiety loves that. Its how it survives.

The only thing i changed about myself to recover was my attitude towards the symptons. I gradually stopped caring about them. I enjoyed all the usual things in life before i got myself into an anxious state, fearing virtually everything, including my thoughts and tried all sorts of things to stop myself feeling that way. I then researched anxiety and learned that to recover, i had to feel it all, willingly. I gave up all techniques to avoid feeling anxious ( e.g. yoga, hypnosis, meditation, no tea or coffee). I didnt do any of that stuff before I became anxious so why was I doing them all now? I was trying my hardest not to feel anxious which was the complete opposite to what i should have been doing. Absolutely nothing about the symptoms, accepting it all and living my life as if i didnt have anxiety.

Preciouslamb1 in reply to Beevee

Thank you so much for your advice and I have to say you are correct. My anxiety is much better now since I stopped focusing so much on it. And I still get to enjoy tea and coffee! Thank you

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