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Seizures and sadness

Just had a seizure. In the middle of the grocery store fell and busted my chin open. I had to be taken in an ambulance to the er to get stitches. It was so embarrassing. I'm struggling with my health..I'm really depressed about it. I'm also super depressed about my family issues &it's been really hard this so worried about so much. I'm in physical pain. If you believe in praying please pray for me.

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What are causng the seizures ? There is always a fix for seizures . Dont worry about it . There are meds too . But you got to help yourself man . Pick yourself up and be positive . You dont wanna know what i go thro every single day . So try to think positive . You will be fine


I'm sorry Brooke. It is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. I would imagine it must be pretty unsettling. I'm praying for you that the doctors can get this worked out and it doesn't happen again. Christmas can be tricky but your main focus should be your health right now above everything else. Take care of yourself.


l believe I praying and I will pray for you. I am depressed also and find praying helps a lot. One step at a time.


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