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Feeling down, sadness,


Hello everyone. I’ve been on here for quite sometime and I really do appreciate all the support. Lately I’ve been feeling extremely depressed and I notice any little thing will cause me to cry. I’ve been retired from my previous employer on a medical disability which Iam grateful for. I just got my long term disability settlement which is another blessing. I can use the settlement to pay my daughters mom the child support I owe her. I’ve been paying child support ever since my little girl was a year and a half. I do admit that I’ve been through a lot the last few years. The divorce then my dads passing, all the stress at work, it took its toll on me. Anyways I’ve been seeing my psychotherapist twice a week and my APN every other week for my meds. The last couple of weeks my depression has been not good to say the least. I’ve had continuous bouts with crying, thoughts of despair and extreme worry. I know that I must fight and forge ahead not just for me but for my little girl. My daughters just 7 years old and I absolutely adore her. Samson

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Hey Samson ,

I'm new to this site! I've just read your post and it sounds like you've definitely been through a lot these last few years.. 😔 You have a 7 year old daughter ? So do I!! It's such a great age ! Little personality and big attitudes make me smile and laugh all the time even in my darkest times ! I completely understand when you say you have to fight and forge ahead for her because I'm in the same boat.. if it wasn't for my girls I wouldn't have a reason to either ! Id just like to say your not on your own! Sending lots of good vibes your way 💗 Peace & love ✌🏼❤

Thank you so much for your kind words. My little girl means the world to me. I spent last night playing with her and her Barbie house. Her love gives her daddy so much strength. I’m a big guy, I’ve always been a physically strong man, thats why one shouldn’t judge a person on the exterior, one never knows what a person might be going through inside. Samson

As the saying goes 'never judge a book by its cover'. I myself 100 % totally believe that !!! You never really truly know what's going on in someone else's life 😔 My house is full of barbies and LOL dolls 🤣😂 wouldn't have it any other way ! You sound like your a great father to your daughter and you should be proud of yourself... 💗

Thank you. Lol dolls! Wow I’ve lost count on those. The surprise lols, she loves those. Indigo-ivy you’ve brighten my day!

Aw what a nice thing to say ☺️ I'm glad I could help..🙂 I'm here anytime you need to talk.. just always remember your not alone 🦋

I'm very sorry for your loss, and divorce is equally as devastating. I also have to say your a good guy for paying child support as many do not. I would ask your doctor if they think the meds your on are working or if you need a higher dose....you should not feel that low for long and it sounds like they are not working properly. Even with meds your going to have the emotional roller coaster...and some bouts of feeling pretty low, but they should clear up sooner.

It is really hard to keep up a happy face for your kids when you feel like this. I love my boys but I really have to push myself to play with them when all I really want to do is hold them and try to sleep. So it sounds like you're doing a good job to me. We aren't so dissimilar; I've got an 8 and 9 yo with a divorce on the way and my mom had a stroke that left her unable to speak. It is not easy to lose that parental support and spousal support and still have to carry on with important responsibilities. I feel for you and the way you talk about your daughter tells me you are doing a good job in the face of a lot of adversity.


I believe it will get better, keep up the hard work. Despite it all, you were able to recognize your blessings. That’s a great thing. ☀️

Hey Samson. I am sorry to hear you are feeling so glum. Just know, your daughter absolutely adores you, and as she grows up, you two will have a father/daughter bond that no one or no condition can ever break.

In the mean time, have you considered volunteering somewhere? There is something about helping others in need that has an uplifting affect on your spirit. Maybe something like that can help you get through this hard time. If you are uncomfortable around people, you can always volunteer at an animal shelter. What have you got to lose?

Thank you. I appreciate you’re advise. I do love dogs maybe I’ll volunteer at a shelter. Samson

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