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I just wanted to get people's opinions on what works for increasing energy and getting rid of the feelings of depression and anxiety that doesn't involve medication? I know I've read here and there on things that may help, but I'd like to hear if there is something out there that's different from what I've read. Whether it be certain foods, different activities, music, hobbies, vitamins... I'm open to try anything really. Thanks!

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I'm sorry but if I had the answers I would be better and I'm not. The simplest thing for increased energy, which you may have already heard, is definitely exercise. When I was going to the gym once or twice a day it was so much better but now my anxiety and other issues keep me from going (catch 22) but I know that it helps immensely. If you could manage to get in some exercise that would greatly increase your energy. You mention hobbies and if you have any that you can pursue, whatever they might be, it's definitely a help.


Hi, I was told about Nero Biofeedback. It is not evasive. I have done some research on it. The treatment has had really great results.


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