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My struggle

My struggle

I have cancer in remission and had a divorce. But what really. Thought on the worst episode of PTSD and anxiety depression is the. Reqkup of a narcissistic relationship with a emotionally abusove person.

I can't get up in the morning. I shake.

I am living with my parents and take care of them. I feel like a failure.

I cry and feel better. It's the shit down feeling that is worse when I can't speak.

I would like to support others and need support. Chemo is tomorrow and results of a

Pet scan.

I'm in turmoil

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Stay strong are you seeing anyone for helo


Can you find a professional to talk to? And a friend? You need emotional support. Hope you feel better. Take care.


You have such a lot on your plate. I hope you can find someone preferably a professional or a good friend or clergy person to help you get some perspective on all the issues you are facing right now. My cancer is also in remission right now so I don't have to face the prospect of treatment, but I can imagine what a stressor that is to know you are facing a treatment - not to mention the scanxiety (been there - not fun!). One thing stood out to me in your message. You say you are taking care of your parents. I know that is an added huge pressure on you. However, you are definitely NOT a failure ... anyone who steps up to help care for their parents is a hero!!!!

I pray that you find the coping skills you need to move through the coming times and please keep in touch.

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I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I also wake with anxiety and feel shakey. I am a caregiver for my Mom who is 87 and a cancer survivor. Did you always have anxiety? Or has it been since your cancer or divorce? I am on meds for OCD, depression and anxiety.

Do you have a therapist ?Tell me more.


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