I don't know how to tell what's real from what's not real

I feel that people try to get me to believe things that are not real. There's been some really strange coincidences in my life and it makes me feel like everything around me is orchestrated and fabricated by someone. I'm adopted. Its even made me question whether my birth family is really my birth family. I'm scared that someone made it all up to trick me. It makes me afraid that I don't know what to believe anymore.

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  • Hi silver, you are not the first person to feel this way but it usually turns out to be overthinking, for lack of a better term. From what you're saying it sounds like the wise thing to do is to find a counselor right away to listen to you and help you sort through it all step by step. Of course we are here, but i know i also need my therapist. I think you could benefit from a counselor too.

  • I don't trust therapists. I worry that what I say to them is not confidential. I worry about that on here too, but was so desperate to get support that I went on here anyways.

  • There are laws that will protect your confidentiality if you see a therapist or a psychiatrist. You don't have to deal with this all on your own.

  • In real life I'm an extremely private person, but this forum is completely anonymous so there's no issue there. Jcowart has a great point about the confidentiality laws for therapists. I can't imagine that I have anything so interesting to say that my therapist would break the law to share it with someone. Although our issues are very important to us, it's probably pretty run-of-the-mill for them.

  • Also, You could always do a DNA test with your birth family. I did that when I wasn't sure who someone was. you can get them over the counter at drug stores &the DNA test comes with instructions. best of luck to you

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