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I have suffered from depression and anxiety for nearly thirty years and have recently spiraled to the point had to take leave from work - needless to say everything feels like the end of the world. Went to a new psych today and therapist and I can already feel those sleepy effects when you start new meds but am positive - all the advice sounds like just turn things around join a class etc but I find I can't just snap there and trying do little things each day to feel settled. Do others have any advice how to brace and get by in the period right after spiral down. Hope everyone here had a good day

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  • I wish I had an answer for you. I'm currently working on getting over a bad spell. I've had a panic disorder for over 20 years. I'm back on my meds and what I try to do is keep everything as normal as possible. I only think about the present and try not to think about what might happen in an hour. I set out to do small tasks like clean out a junk draw or maybe go for a walk. It's hard to get motivated when you aren't feeling your best. As you know with your experience this will all pass and you will soon feel like yourself again. Take it day by day or hour by hour.

  • Hi Ronkoz

    I sound very much like you! I think your doing what you can. I also agree with Gloria, I try to keep everything as normal as much as possible, routine, lots of people swear by it.

    I also try not to push myself to much and rest until I feel either I need to get busy or

  • Oops pushed the button to quickly! Heehee

    Motivated to do something.

    I also walk the dog a lot, a tiny shorkie who can walk miles!

    The meds will kick in as you know, just hang on in there, easy said I know!

    Let us know how your getting on😃

  • thanks so much I'm taking it day by day for now but am optimistic, just trying to keep mind busy and thoughts under control

  • How you doing Ronkoz

  • Hi thanks - I'm trying more and more to control negative thoughts. The anxiety and depression Got me good this time. Looking for positive activities and outlets

  • I am in the same boat. Have had depression, GAD and Panic disorders for 30 years. Last November the bottom fell out. I had to give up 33 years of critical care nursing, go on disability, foreclose on my ho!e and give away 3 pets. I have a very supportive family which makes a huge difference as does getting on the right meds, which can sometimes be difficult. I have had bad bouts and hospitalizations in the past and it always gets better. It's the interim that is the worst because we're are so fearful that well never come out of it but, we will. It seems to me it just has to run its course until proper meds kick in etc. Until then, I do mild walking exercise, (even if it's walking in place in from of my TV for 20 mins a day. Eat right, ( I stay far away from sugar, dairy, gluten and processed foods), progressive muscle relaxation, evaluating my thoughts and not fighting the anxiety, just accepting it for what it is and trying to keep busy around the house. I cry when I need to, so!still!es a good cry tires me out and lessens the anxiety. A hug is always helpful. Hang in there.

  • Thank you so much

  • Great advice. I agree with every word.

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