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New here...Can't find help


I applied for ObamaCare again today. Thought I would give it a try since I have a small amount of income this year, around 200 - 250 a month. Yet again I don't qualify for ANY assistance and have been excused from the fines because my income is so low. I can't seem to find anyone in the Madison County NC area that offers any type of free or significantly reduced assistance with mental health issues. I am seriously depressed and anxious. I can't be alone for more than 10 minutes without bursting into tears. My boyfriend and I are fighting all the time because I'm so anxious about every single thing that I do. He told me today he doesn't know how much longer he can put up with it. He's bi-polar and I am being very taxing on his patience. If he leaves me my only choice will be to return to my childhood home which is where the depression started so many years ago. I am at a loss and getting more and more hopeless by the minute. I don't want to go check into a hospital and be labeled as a psycho for the rest of my life and I am so sick of scouring the internet to find no help. If there is anyone in NC who can suggest a group or a company. I need help and I am clinging to the last bit of reality I have in asking for it here. I fear if I don't get help soon I will be lost forever and just go completely off the deep end. I am not going to kill myself, I don't have the balls for it number one and number two I couldn't do that to my family.

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You did not list the county you reside in, however copy and paste these links, perhaps you will find some help. I don't live in NC. I am unable to afford Health Insurance too, so I know how difficult your situation is when you really need counseling. Some counselors will work on a sliding scale, you might try calling around. Yet, they have to eat too, so you need to keep trying. Some states, a very few, (5 maybe?) offer Medicaid to residents, it is Obamacare but not privatized. If You could move to one of those states, you would likely qualify for health insurance through the State. Kind of extreme but it is something many have done, and it works.

Good luck, I hope the links below help.

Have tou tried a community health center that goes off of your income? Maybe they can refer you to a therapist or at the very least get you on some sort of anti depressant.

I'm sorry your having to live like this. One thing I wanted to share with you - you do not make you boyfriend feel as he does. Whether he likes or not he chooses to feel however he feels. You have no control over how he chooses to feel about anything. I have a brother who is bi-polar too. It's a very challenging life for him and those around him, so I somewhat understand a little of how it might be for you with him. I wish you the best in finding the help you are seeking.


It is very difficult to find reduced cost and free mental health services. However, there is a member of our association, N. Diane Stamey

, (828) 452-1544, 600 Hospital Dr Ste 8, Clyde, NC 28721-8046 that is within your area. Contact her and see if she has a sliding scale. In addition, check county and federal health centers, as well as college/university psychology clinics. For tips on low cost: and you can also listen to many podcasts, videos, and webinars by experts in the field (for free) on our website It's like going to a therapy session and learning all the tools (you just don't get the specialized one-on-one).

Do you have Medicaid available in N.C.?

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