New and worried

I'm new here. I recently received inpatient help for anxiety & depression. I've had these problems to lessor extent for years but I was able to mask & function, so I never sought help. This time I got extremely paranoid when my anxiety got our of control. I've was doing ok with therapy & medication, but now my anxiety is increasing. I'm worried it could happen again and I'm thinking about my thoughts trying to see if it's happening again. I know I should be working on mindfulness exercises but I'm spending my time worrying something will trigger my anxiety. My therapist also mentioned setting goals to work towards ending therapy & while I agree, it started me worrying about what happens to me when I'm on my own. Would anyone offer suggestions or experiences about transitioning from inpatient to therapy to managing on their own?

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  • I've not been in your situation as far as transitioning but Anticipatory anxiety is particularly cruel and I have definitely been there. We are already anxious about things that will most likely never happen, but it's compounded when we get anxious about potentially being anxious. It's pretty much the definition of a self-fulfilling prophecy but our only chance is to stop it short ( infinitely easier than said than done) I will say that ending therapy sounds like a very bad idea from what you are saying. Setting goals to get better seems like the wise thing now. Only then can ending therapy be a goal. I always say everyone could use a little therapy, it's not a bad thing. I hope someone here can offer some advice on transitioning and I wish I could be of more help. Take care and keep talking with us. I know that's what helps me.

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