Worn out

I am thinking about medication for anxiety. I'm tired of fighting and struggling. I'm scared of meds because they are so addictive. Was on a benzodiazepine years ago and it worked great. But my dr took me off too fast, and was a horrible experience. Had seizures and became worse with the anxiety. So this subject gives me confusion,fear,trust issues with doctors. What do you do when get to that place of being so stuck to point of i give up,or want to give up. Feels like I'm just waisting my life, and time is going to run out. I look at how many years have passed, and I'm still in same place. Worn out!

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  • Medication could certainly help. If you don't mind me asking, why were you taken off benzodiazepine? You could consider seeing a different doctor or at least talking to your current doctor about your concerns.

    Don't give up. I understand that what you're going through is difficult. I won't pretend to understand fully, as your experience is your own. But I too have struggled with anxiety. One thing that has helped is to take several deep breaths when you start to feel the anxiety coming. I panic a lot and tell myself over and over that I'm not panicking. It isn't perfect, but it does help sometimes.

  • Hopefully you will find a doctor who is more understanding of the need to taper on and off of medications slowly. I would definitely communicate my concerns with any new doctors and I would get 2nd, 3rd opinions, if something does not feel right, switch practitioners. Yes, this is our life, I know what you mean; Do we stay off of meds or do we take them and lead more "productive" lives? I have taken a low dose of them for many years and don't have the answers; I seem to need to be on them (antidepressant & small dose antianxiety agent) for the rest of my life, but not at large quantities, so hopefully there will not be any serious long term consequences (because a consequence of not being on them is a less-contented, less-fulfilling life, and I want to thrive, not just live). Hope this helps.

  • Thank you for the replys.yes, I think I need medication. It's hard to find a doctor who is willing to work with you when they know I'm a recovering addict. But I will keep trying to find one who understands. Never give up,right?

  • That's right, never give up. :)

  • The reason I was taken off the benzodiazepines is ,was prescribed for major anxiety attacks during my cancer and chemotherapy.

  • That's awful I feel the same. I still chose to take medication over feeling sick and taking nothing. I need to try and find the right dose and type of medication until one fits. It may take time but don't give up. We are more ahead than we think at least we are trying to get better not just sit there and try nothing.

  • Hello,

    I struggled so much with anxiety and fear most of my life. I have chosen not to take medication because of the side effects. But i fell this year and broke my kneecap and wrist. Because of of the extreme trauma that occurred I have developed PTSD. It is a horrible disorder. I have accepted I need to take medication.

  • I take Lexapro most of newer meds are not addictive so I would encourage you to seek medical advice on meds. effect depends on each individuals medical/Physiological make up. I have only take Lexapro not addictive. Just so side effects to deal with. Meds help to take edge off anxiety/depression while you seek help. Also need a good councilor trained in CBT therapy. This alone with some personal research is going to help most. Please keep in tough I will give more information about my journey. If you choose to.

    Regards Allen

  • I know how u feel about stuck in the same place & feel time is running out. I started buspar because I felt perhaps my chest pain was not caused by fibromyalgia pain but anxiety. By this medication I take , it helps me tons more than if I took no anxiety meds..I can think more about how to solve my problems than being stuck in one place, though my energy levels dont yet match thoughts of feeling how to solve my problems of leaving my home to get job,after on disability income since 2003& not work since 2005 so trying to get work without any agency helping me is the issue plus irrational fear of social phobia & strangers trained to help me,is a lil overwhelming. I suggest u try a low dose anxiety medication .it is very common to feel scared of starting and being addicted to any medication. I was very hesitant due to side effects & as far as can tell, have only had drowsy effects but if u suffer any pain , it may be related to anxiety that attacks nerves. A lot of ppl who suffer anxiety get chest pain & suffer other pain . I was using ginger capsules off& on ,u can get at vitamin world health food store online & is all natural herbs & supplement, not habit forming.if u worried about addictive meds. I am worry more of cost & withdrawal side effects. Hope u find something that suits you.

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