Worn Out 😞

Hi. I'm a mother of two young adults. My 20 year old daughter has suffered from GAD since the 5th grade and I am her main support. We have been through years of therapists and medications. Although there are time spans where everything is under control it seems short lived when the GAD rears it's ugly head again. I can certainly sympathize with her since I am also medicated for GAD, however there are times like this fall semester of college for her that completely wear me out. I cannot begin to tell you what the past few months have been like. Is anyone else worn out like me?

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  • I feel like I wear out my parents sometimes with my anxiety and feel bad. I think it's important to do things by yourself or with friends that make you let loose and are enjoyable. You will be a better support for her if you take care of yourself. It may also be beneficial to help her identify other people she can use as a support system. That way it is not always you, and she can hear other perspectives.

  • Thanks for the words of encouragement Ajax. Please don't ever feel bad about your parents. I'm sure they love you and want to just see you happy.

  • Worn out most of time from stress and worry. Which meds do you take?

  • Hi Eliza. I'm not physically worn out but emotionally worn out. I'm taking cymbalta for my anxiety.

  • How long have you been taking Cymbalta? Have you noticed any weight gain?

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