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Hey guys

I have suffered from anxiety my whole life it has gotten worst since Ive became a parent and I worry myself . And push people away because of fear.. Everyone else see's me as this strong woman and are so proud of me .. But underneath it all .. I am a complete mess. My heart is racing typing this and I am in tears because I never talked to anyone about it other than my therapist when I was younger . I haven't seen a doctor as an adult yet . I cant afford one . So I just take it all day by day .

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Me too there is hope


Just when we think all is wonderful with becoming a parent, we find that it sends our anxiety through the roof. Becoming a parent just gives us millions more things to be anxious about! One day at a time (mindfulness) is a great strategy, but also becoming pro-active and trying to preempt anxiety is needful. Lots of self-care, mother's groups, and educating ourselves about the negative thoughts we take on as mothers - wish there was a book given to us before we become a parent that talks about all this!

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