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I am happy to have found a support group. I have such horrible anxiety that it prevents me from doing things that are important and the longer I seem to have this the more it prevents me from doing things that should be done and the worse my anxiety gets. Then I get depressed because I am allowing this to take over my life. It also seems like I can only focus on one set of issues at a time. If i focus on getting the laundry done then nothing else can happen or I get major anxiety.

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I'm new to this forum as well. Unfortunately I don't have a concrete answer for you, but you were able to describe exactly how I feel. I feel like I have inertia, I want to do things, clean house, laundry; but just can't get started. I'm scheduled for some minor surgery next week, I will be in the hospital overnight, I get anxious when I have to stay as an inpatient and get panic attacks, I don't know why. My psychiatrist has prescribed anti-anxiety meds, which help a bit, (they make me sleepy/even lazier!) but I hate this feeling and how its affecting me and my life.

Some suggestions my therapist has suggested are meditation, more exercise, volunteering (however getting almost to the point of not going out of my house). I hope that you might feel a wee bit better if you knew that you're not alone in how you feel.


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