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Medical Marijuana

Hello All,

I have just joined the community. I am a male, 50 with AMN. I would like to find out if anyone has any knowledge of the use of medical marijuana for our symptoms, primarily peripheral neuropathy. For me it is worst at night, as I gather it is for most of us. I experience cold in my feet and lower legs, I have described it as a cold wind or cold water. I am glad it isn't the burning that many others describe, but still.... I have the "pins and needles" during the day which isn't bad. I currently take 1200mg of gabapentin morning and evening, but it doesn't handle it completely and has some unpleasant side effects. Any guidance from other experiences would be most appreciated.

Thank you,


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There is a drug called Sativex, manufactured by GW Pharma:

Sativex® is an oromucosal spray of a formulated extract of the cannabis sativa plant that contains the principal cannabinoids THC and CBD as well as specific minor cannabinoids and other non-cannabinoid components. We developed Sativex to be administered as an oral spray, whereby the active ingredients are absorbed in the lining of the mouth, either under the tongue or inside the cheek. GW's licensing partners are commercializing Sativex for MS spasticity in 16 countries outside the United States. We have also received regulatory approval in an additional 12 countries, and we anticipate commercial launches in several of these countries in the next 12 months. Two additional countries have recommended approval for Sativex and regulatory filings are ongoing in 12 other countries, principally in the Middle East and Latin America where we expect approvals over the next 12 months.

I got to know the company a little a few years ago as a friend of mine had investments with them. Good company. I investigated Sativex with a view to using it. It's not approved for AMN on the NHS in England, although I think it may be for MS. A friend of mine with AMN did try it privately but it did not seem to relieve spasticity for him.

GW is a world leader in the use of cannabinoid products so it's worth keeping in touch with them.



Hello Chris,

Thank you for the information! I am in Canada and am just investigating the medical marijuana avenue. I will have to find out if Sativex is available here.

Be well,



I would not recommend a synthetic form of marijuana or the active ingredients. I would get your licence. Also, the sativa plant, which is what this medication is based from, is not the best form to relieve AMN symptoms. The indica is what would help the most.

I hope this helps a bit. Be well.


Hello Blue,

Thank you for the input!!! Do you have any experience with the symptom relief that it provides?

Be well,



I plan to get on the weed sooner or later. Can't at the moment, too much on.

Back in my 20's, i used to love smoking dope. A lost decade, but what a way to go.

Not too many people reporting on Marijuana for AMN, but over on the MS boards plenty use it.


I have compiled notes on this subject from various AMN boards as I was also interested with its use in neuropathy:

“For cannabis, I use a CO2-extracted oil concentrate in a vaporizer for instantaneous relief. It’s a strain called “Herbie,” which is 50 percent CBD and 19 percent THC. It’s my ‘rescue drug.’ If pain ramps up during the day, I take a few puffs and feel it within 30 seconds or a minute. I also use it every night. There’s no cognitive effect, just relaxing, and it helps me sleep better.”

I use pot. Smoking or vaporizing pot with high THC levels will help with most pain. Be sure it's an indica strain especially if you have stiffness or spasms. Indica strains are more soothing or relaxing.
HOWEVER if like me you are taking it to help with things like neuropathy or Neurogenic bladder and other internal problems YOU HAVE TO INJEST IT. Either by putting it in food or hot drinks. It also must have high CBD levels. 10% at least.
Oils are easier for some, but ground up herbs put in a tea ball, then steeped in your favourite hot drink works well. I do about a gram a day in hot cocoa every night and it really helps me and I really feel it when I run out and have to order more.
Street drugs are usually sativa and higher THC and dangerous. If there are dispensaries around you then they should be educated.
If like here it has to bought online the percentages and strains should be listed.
Good luck and I hope it helps!

When I invested a 5%THC /8%CBD from an indica dominant strain it relaxed my neck muscles, relieved pain and headache without getting stoned. It is very relaxing. Of course of you've never used pot or only rarely make sure your home safe till you know how it affects you.

Under 10% generally won't get you baked as the kids call it.

50/50 THC/CBD strain

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Hello SongStream,

Thank you, very much, for the information! I have never used pot so have no experience with it. I am only interested in the beneficial, so the CBD, effect for Neuropathy, but as I understand it there needs to be some THC for the CBD to be effective. I have discussed it briefly with my Neurologist and with my GP and they both feel it is worth trying. My GP suggested Vaping it but I am not that interested in that, I would prefer to injest it in some way. I have seen a little bit on an oil that can be placed under the tongue, but I don't think it is available through the Canadian supplier.

Once again, I really appreciate the advice!

Be well and have a great day!


You can also infuse cannabis in butter or go vegan (coconut oil) which is called cannabutter and used in cooking recipes.


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