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AMN and marijuana

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Have any people with AMN used marijuana? If so, have you noticed any benefits (i.e. reduced pain)? Does it wreak havoc with the legs like alcohol does (at least for me it does)? It has been many years since I used the drug, but I have recently thought that it would be something that would give me a better perspective on life. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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No experience here but if you have the ability to experiment, I say give it a shot. I would say that you may be right about the outcome being similar to alcohol. I've noticed that I need full focus in order to walk and exercise as well as I can, so anything that impedes that focus is off the table for me these days. However, I think they do make a supplement that has all of the supposed benefits of marijuana, the only thing they leave out is the THC. So that may be another experiment you could try as well.

I know this - oral CBD spray doesn't work (for me). I've thought about trying vaping some CBD.

I've nothing against smoking dope, wouldn't know where to buy any these days.

I do remember though, as a youth, after getting stoned I used to enjoy walking/cycling long distances.

I do use it regularly. It's great for my mood but not so much for my legs, they're stiffer and shakier. If you ever have continence issue, it can also make that worse. Think running to the toilets rather than walking to it. So all in all I wouldn't really recommend it, but hey, I love it! Just need to be reasonable with it...

I am a female with AMN and I started using the oral CBD paste twice a day over the summer (I also am trying the spray now but it doesn't seem to work nearly as well). The paste in a syringe is very concentrated and I noticed significant improvement in my legs and feet neuropathy as well as pain within 2 weeks. It is legal and made from hemp and has no THC in it (so no high). I am more than willing to try a low THC cannabis in a vaporizer or edible the day it becomes legal in my state as the THC is supposed to work with the CBD for best effects. Cannabis is touted to have major antioxidant and neuroprotective properties so it is worth a try as I don't tolerate medications very well at all. All the best!

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I haven't had any experience with this myself but another woman with AMN that I correspond with occasionally has found great relief with the capsule form. She used to have a lot of pain, spasms and this has given her relief of those symptoms. There is very little to no THC in the capsules.

Doesn't work. I tried it a couple times. It screws your legs up big time. Kind of like you had a bunch of coctails. Pat in Ca.

Thanks for everybody's responses. To be honest, I do not know of a source from which to get the product, and I am way too cautious of a guy to just start searching for some. Additionally, if it ruins my legs as I expect, I am not that interested. On that topic, I had two drinks last weekend after which I had extreme troubles putting myself on the commode to go to bathroom and I barely made it into bed after a long struggle. It really is a shame that I can't find some source of release.

Am I allowed to post websites for CBD here? If not, feel free to send me a note and I will give you info where I have ordered from (you want organic hemp CBD oil that was lab tested and verified). The company owners I have spoken to are so helpful and explain a lot if you have questions. They have their own stories of medical issues they have treated with CBD which led them into starting a business. Legal and safe...might be worth a try for you in the paste form? No high and no "drunk" effects but does seem to have mild anti anxiety effect. I don't work for anyone (wish I did!) and I swear I am not a spokesperson...just so excited that there may be something out there to help a bit, at least for me. It has made a huge difference for me. It also seems to be helping lessen the frequency and intensity of my migraines (and blinding auras) which for me can be like mild strokes. I guess that makes sense as it helps certain types of epilepsy and as a seizure med it is supposed to lower the over excitability in the brain...which they think migraine auras might be related to.

I just would hate to see you pass up the chance for a little relief. I have tried a lot of meds, including strong pain meds, anti seizure drugs, antidepressants for pain, muscle relaxers, other I don't think this is placebo. It seems to have a strong but subtle effect for me (that may not make much sense...but more of a "huh...I didn't need a pain pill today...even though I was a lot more active" rather than "woohoooo! I feel great!" effect. I still take high doses of NSAIDs (ibuprofen, etc) but rarely take much else. The pain is still present but the intensity is less overwhelming.

Good luck!

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I'd certainly like you to post the CBD link. I've posted enough links in the past.

Ok, just wanted to make sure it was allowed....some forums don't allow links or brands.

I have ordered from and spoke with Brandon there. Great products and customer service.

Also ordered from this last time...when I bought the spray...but just not happy with the spray.

And have been speaking with Michelle at and placing an order there now for more blue label tube CBD. Again, great customer service and products look very good.

I look for places that use organic products, no products from China, and that test for purity and percentage in each batch. And of course, prices...who is running a sale at any given time!

Again, I noticed mild effects within days but most effect after 2 weeks so don't give up.

Since switching to the spray from the tube oil a few weeks ago, my pain has now increased again and my neuropathy and contractures are returning. So I will be going back to the blue label before trying anything else. (Good balance of product/price)

Hope this helps!

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Does it help with spastic legs?

Yes, I have noticed that I get some relief after about 2 hours of taking the oil. It seems to last a few hours. I need to take more than is recommended though for the effects to kick in. I have also tried vaporizing oil (the legal stuff) and the effect is shorter to onset but also not as long lasting. It isn't like "wow, I feel great", it is more of a "wow...I just walked up and down the stairs 3 times with laundry and feel ok!!" Good luck!

Hello All, I was going to post a question on here about the medicinal marijuana. Now after seeing this thread from 2 years ago, I'd like to revisit. For those who had problems after taking it, what forms were you taking? Specifically, I am intrigued about the marijuana without TCH. I've never smoked marijuana recreationally (and not particularly interested) and I don't drink. I noticed that if I have more than 3 sips of wine these days (I'm taking 4-AP), I'm already drunk! In the case that you were using medicinal marijuana, is it still working for you?

Thanks for your thoughts!

I have used the cream for my legs and a vape that was 18-1 cbd/thc. Decent results from both. Rarely take pain pains and it doesn’t have a “high” affect.

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