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AMN and marijuana / alcohol

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Hello All,

A friend of mine got diagnosed with AMN recently,

I noticed that when he consumes alcohol or marijuana, the symptoms of spasticity get worse immediately, he finds it much more difficult to walk.

Is there a biological connection between the two? Is consumption of marijuana and alcohol can worsen the disease from your expreience?


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I've been vaping marijuana oil in bed to help with sleep and the neuropathy and have found it helpful. It seems that it is necessary to find the right strain for you. It has been legalized in Canada so it is easy to access and try the different ones for the right one. The one I have been using now is an Indica called "Granddaddy Purple". On my first attempts with other vape oils I did find that certain types of spasms did increase. I can only take it when I am in bed because with my balance as bad as it is it definitely makes me more unstable and I'm not crazy about the head sensations so just want to sleep. I had not ever tried it before legalization, other than what my doctor had prescribed and that I hadn't had any success with, but that is an expensive option and insurance is not very good with coverage for it.

My neurologist said that alcohol will certainly affect the “nerve signals” (temporarily) but that I don’t have to give it up but to be mindful of the increased possibility of tripping (though I usually am just standing in line for the bathroom these days after a drink! Ha)

Cannabis oil has not really had too much impact on it for me (it does seem to help my neuropathy if I take it daily for a month or so) but I use the nonimpairing drops as I don’t like “feeling” it physically or mentally

One or two drinks relaxes my spastic muscles, makes walking a lot easier. Anything after that turns my legs to jelly.

The same goes for smoking dope, and Gabapentin/Lyrica for that matter.

Went to my dentist yesterday for the annual cleaning and checkup and had the bad news that I have some cavities, which is unusual as I haven't had any for years. Talking with the receptionist after and learning that she has developed high blood pressure and likes her wine in the evening we got around to the marijuana discussion and I told her about my vaping at bedtime and she relayed to me about the idea that vaping, or smoking, marijuana may lead to tooth decay. I did some research last night and there doesn't seem to be much for research into this possible connection but that it may have something to do with the dry mouth that it produces. That is a side effect that I find quite strong so last night I took water to bed with me to rinse after I vape and then drink through the night as needed. Will definitely continue to be curious about this and will discuss with the dentist when I go back for fillings, and the crowns that I have been putting off for years.

Monkeybus, I find it interesting that you say that walking is easier with the right amount of booze or dope or the meds. For me balance is bad to begin with and the vaping makes that worse so I do it as I crawl into bed and it hits me within 5 minutes so I feel that is the safest.

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monkeybus in reply to easygoin1

My balance really isn't that bad, admittedly with the help of 4-ap. I do a lot of balance exercises as well.

From what I can see, these "anti-spasticity" meds are simply CNS depressants. Booze and dope are just extra ones.

Muscle tightness is my enemy, one of them at any rate.

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easygoin1 in reply to monkeybus

I'm glad to hear your balance isn't that bad!!!

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monkeybus in reply to easygoin1

If smoking dope led to tooth decay, my friends and I would have no teeth left after the amounts we all smoked from the age 18-30.

Vaping, though. That was all brought to market without any safety trials.

A lot of glycerin passing over your teeth, and do you have any flavourings in there?

You see what I'm driving at. Has to be healthier than inhaling all that acrid, carcinogenic smoke, but as far as tooth decay goes I'd point the finger at anything sweet.

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easygoin1 in reply to monkeybus

No it's not flavored and I don't think there is any glycerin either, but I could be wrong about that. I will have to ask the supplier. I tend to think it has more to do with the extreme dry mouth I get from it. I am going to ask the Dentist when I see him for the fillings. I have started to take water to bed with me to rinse after the vape and drink as the dry mouth comes on. It does help me sleep and helps with the nighttime neuropathy.

I have balance problems and stiifness. I have AMN I'm 42 I don't think drinking helps at all I agree a couple is ok ok but after that belly legs in glad im not alone there

I was enjoying having margaritas with friends and when it came time to leave, I could barely stand on my own two feet and walk. Seeing me trying to walk down a flight of stairs was not a pretty sight. I promised myself then that I will never ever make myself feel that vulnerable again.

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julie_ in reply to SongStream

I am not a drinker but I used to be able to tolerate a few sips of a cocktail. Now, any amount of alcohol takes away all sense of balance even when walking at an even level! I am by no means drunk and my mind is fully coherent - but I appear as if I'm drunk to anyone I pass on the street! Needless to say, I no longer have any alcohol.

Cannabis oil does not have any effect on me. I'm currently trying 25 mg gel capsules, one per day. It has only been a few days, though I don't expect much improvement.

If I get ahold of medical marijuana, I will only use it in the safety of my home.

On your other note about walking down the stairs, this seems to be easier for me than walking up the stairs. Either way, I am using the handrails. On the way up, I'm not able to push up enough to avoid scuffs on the toes of my shoes. However, I still do walk up; I'll just get new shoes!

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SongStream in reply to julie_

The difficult part of walking up is having to lift my feet which is strenous and tiring. However, this is my short version of using the stairmaster. : )

(On another note, have you noticed how difficult it is (even when sober) to walk downstairs? Even though there is a lift at my gym, I choose to challenge myself and walk slowly but delieberately holding on the rail. However, when walking downstairs, it just seems the foot doesn't level out perpendicularly and it feels like my feet are made out of rubber.)

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