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Medical Reefer!

Do any of us use Medical Marijuana on a regular basis? What are the benefits that you see? The reason I ask. I see my Neurologist tomorrow and he has brought the possibility of using it to my attention. He will set me up with a medical card and off I go. I just wanted to get some real feedback from our community not the internet as a whole . I mean I know it helps countless people, but I would like to know how does it help us. Thanks !

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I find that it helps a little bit with pain and spasm. Nothing too profound. I also find that if I smoke or Vape too much, pain gets worse.

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Reefer madness! It'll make you go crazy, it funds terrorism, or is that organised crime? In the UK, the newspaper narrative is it's grown indoors by Vietnamese slaves. Blimey.

I hadn't smoked it for 20 years. Tried again in November. Stopped the neuropathy, no more numbness or pins and needles. Stopped the spasms (for a short time). I cut my Gabapentin intake by about 80%.

Watched three seasons of The Walking Dead, back to back.

Did nothing for my spasticity.

I'd smoke it again. Be careful though, I've heard that it's a gateway drug.

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Hello Seifert,

I have tried cannabis oil recently, it's a 1:1 blend from a hybrid, and unfortunately have not found the neuropathy relief that I hoped for. In fact I found the small muscle spasms worse in certain settings, when I lay on the couch. I'm not done with experimenting yet though, I've been told that the pure CBD oil is better for pain relief and will give that a go soon. It seems that it is similar with medical marijuana as it is with other prescription medications, some find benefit and some don't.....

Be well


My buddy grows it and he gave me some. It relaxed my legs to much. When I tried to get up, Wow my legs were screwed up. Not for me. Pat


I use it every evening when I am about to go to bed. It really takes my mind off my legs cramping and spasms. There are also edibles you can use. I would not suggest any more than 10 MG of THC for your first time. It may make you never want to do it again. It can be considered the same feeling as having too many drinks one night... I personally would suggest it, as none of the other pain medications the doctors have given me have helped.


Did you get your card from the doctor? Are you now on the wacky baccy?


Just got all the proper forms completed. Now I just need to send them out, and have them approve my request . Gotta love bureaucratic paperwork.


I'm interested in this. Watching this whole thing from the UK.

I remember the '80s, Nancy Reagan wanting to lock up every drug user in America. Who'd have thunk it would come to this?

What state are you in?

How much does the licence + doctor's fee to issue the licence cost?

And the dope? Is it more expensive when you buy it legitimately?


I am in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The license itself is free aside from the postage to mail the application. Doctors fee was my 75copay for the appointment.

As far as price is concerned I’m not sure yet. Each dispensary has a nurse/ doctor on staff to go over your condition and guide you in the right direction. Meaning which strain would suit my symptoms best. Lot more advanced than scoring from a buddy . Either way can’t really put a price on relief.


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