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Treatment without prescription drugs

Been two weeks since last AF and since taking extra Taurine I really feel that this is a key to the improvement. Feel like the AF is gone (famous last words...............)

I take the following:

1. Bioceuticals Ultra Muscleze (Magnesium). One scoop morning and evening. Each scoop has 500mg Taurine which I never noticed when using it previously.

2. Extra 1g of Taurine morning and evening taken with the Magnesium.

3. Slow K Potassium 600mg once a day (equivalent to one banana).

4. Hawthorn Berry tablet. 450mg once a day.

5. Q10 coenzyme 150mg. Once a day.

6. 2g fish oil twice a day

7. 1g Vitamin C three times a day

8. Tresos*B PluSe multivitamin once a day

9. Vitamin D

The first three made an immediate and noticeable change to me. It was like an instant cure. When I bumped up the Taurine from 1g to 3g I felt even better.

The rest I'm not sure about, although 4., 5. and 6. are recommended. So it's always an option to consider trying.

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Good luck but don't be too sad it it does return. AF can do that.


Hi Michael

I too wish you well, am wondering what you are doing about anti-coagulation? with or without the AF as a recent sufferer the 5 times normal stroke risk remains. Do you know your CHADS2VASC score?

Be well



Hi Michael, great news, may I ask who advised this regime. I am a bit nervous over too much Taurine or Hawthorn. Don't forget other lifestyle changes as well as I suspect most folks need more than just supplements to keep it controlled.

I take or have taken 1, 5 ( both Naturopath's advice) 6 & 7 (my own idea). 2 has been advised by Good Health Naturally and I believe I should probably go for 9.


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