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2 Year update after cryoablation


Good morning, it is 2 years to the day that I had my cryoablation at the London Heart Hospital and haven't looked back. My AF was getting very regular, 2-3 times a week and would only go away after taking extra Flecanide. I was on 150mg Flecanide and 5mg bisoprolol daily.

I was offered the ablation and was so nervous that I went into natural AF the morning of the procedure. It all went well apart from being told that they had to do a chemical ablation to get me back into Sinus instead of cardio version afterwards and that it may not have worked. I went home the following day.

That evening I went into AF again and I was not happy. Took extra Flecanide and went back into Sinus. I had 2 weeks off work and rested. I came off Flecanide after about 6 months and stayed on 2.5 mg bisoprolol. In the first year I had about 4 episodes of AF and the same the second year.

I have now weaned myself off bisoprolol and only take Flecanide as a PIP. It is 4 months since my last episode of AF and hoping the last for a while. I understand that it may come back and have been offered another ablation if needed.

I haven't looked back, it was the best decision I made to go ahead with the cryoablation and would have another without hesitation. I am off to Australia and New Zealand in March to visit my daughter which I wouldn't have done 2 years ago and even cancelled a trip.

For me life has started again and I am making the most of the AF and medication free time.

Have a good day :)

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So pleased for you, very similar story to mine except I needed a second ablation and had no episodes for over 2 years and just 2 quite mild ones since.

Thanks for posting, good news is always welcome and enjoy your trip.

So pleased for you Kiwi and thank you for reporting back. It gives us all hope! Please write a piece every so often on this forum to let us know how you are getting on. No sailing off into the sunset now.



Always happy to read good news.

Kiwi2 in reply to BobD

Thank you and I will definitely keep you posted. This site has been my saviour and I know how much it helps. Thank you to everyone :)

Thanks for posting. These 'good news' stories always lift people (me included) :)

Great news, always good to hear that things can go well........I've just passed the 6 month marker so it was very encouraging for me!


Excellent! Thanks for sharing! Live your happy life!

Wonderful outcome, well done and enjoy your new found freedom. Bet it feels sooooo good.

Like you I had cryoablation 2years ago first year AF free then last May had AF ended up in A&E the only thing they found was I had overactive thyroid, now on medication for that but have had three bouts of AF since so I do not know if it is the Thyroid or AF back, so seeing Endo and heart nurse, hope to get some answers.

That's great news, so pleased you're feeling so much better, i feel now that everything day has to be lived.

Really pleased for you. Long may it continue! It gives me great hope that my ablation success of 14 months ago will continue. I have reduced my bisoprolol to 1.25 mg and am feeling fine. It would be great to come off it one day. All the best!

Kiwi2 in reply to Tessybear

Thank you, I could have come off bisoprolol sooner except it was my safety net. I reduced my dose to half 1.25 daily for 2 weeks and then every other day until I finally stopped. I still take one now and again if feeling anxious. All the best :)

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