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KEYTRUDA immunotherapy

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After two doses of KEYTRUDA immunotherapy; one infusion every 3 weeks. My PSA went from 86 to 1 over 6 weeks and I feel much better. Happy to be no longer hammering my immune system with chemo and instead working with it.

I have been stage 4 for almost 4-years and pretty much done most everything available and was about to explore LU-177, when this lined up.

I did a Foundation Medicine Liquid test (blood test) and they found my PC was considered ‘Microsatellite Instability High’ or MSI-H. This is not typically a good thing as it makes other treatments often less effective, but it opens the door for KEYTRUDA.

Feels like the fog has lifted and putting the dragon back in the cave.

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Congratulations! It is indeed very rare in prostate cancer.

Wonderful response! And wonderful news! Congratulations!


Congratulations!!. Nice to know they are using Keytruda when indicated.

Best of luck on this journey,

You must feel amazing👍

It is wonderful to hear some good and positive news! Keep fighting!

Excellent news. Wishing you a durable response.

Very happy to hear some positive news! Glad you are feeling better:-)

Great!! I am hoping I qualify for Keytruda.

Congrats on the great results!

Yay and congrats for those results

Fight on


Wonderful news! So happy for you!


I love to read success stories like this.

Also on Keytruda #47 infusion s over past 4 yrs..I was MSS., Had none of the required tumor markers for it to be effective, but I am HBM...high Burden Mutation (Hypermutated), Foundation Medicine identified checkpoint inhibitors as my treatment and currently in Complete Clinical Remission.

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GAdrummer in reply to Hotrod65

4 years is amazing. My husband was to have his 9th infusion this week, but got hit by a probable adrenal crisis. We are awaiting test results, so Keytruda is on hold.

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Hotrod65 in reply to GAdrummer

Adrenal insufficiency is one of my side effects of long term use of Keytruda and 5 mg Prednisone combo, ..wear a medic alert bracelet for identification.

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Hotrod65 in reply to GAdrummer

Low dose Prednisone has mine under control.

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Chugach in reply to Hotrod65

That is absolutely amazing news- gives me some hope, which I needed As I had about run out.

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