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Success with Keytruda

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After a 10 year battle with PCa, I started Keytruda last December. UofM genetic analysis indicated Keytruda would probably work. After one infusion and three weeks time, my four subcutaneous tumors (yes! biopsy verified) had shrunk noticeably. Three weeks after the second infusion, the tumors had basically disappeared and PSA had dropped from 60 to 0.15! Today, three weeks after the third infusion, PSA was at " <.01 ". Undetectable.

I have had no ill effects during infusion and no side effects otherwise.

Medicare has covered 80% and private insurance the other 20%. Moral: if you have to have a biopsy done, consider having the genetic analysis done!

Best of luck to all you guys, there is hope!

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Congratulations, pretty amazing!!!

Go keytruda!

Man!!! That is great, just goes to show how diverse the reaction to a treatment per each individual.

Hi, When you are writing UofM is that University of Minnesota? If so, I would like to get more specific information from you, if possible. Thanks Mary

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Fantastic results.

I was wondering if UofM was University of Michigan? (Interesting if so, since that is the cancer center I go to...)

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Yes. Dr Reichert.

Congratulations! Time to celebrate! 🎊

Incredible response!

Thanks for sharing!


Woot, woot! Super happy for you!

What genetic testing was done to show that Keytruda should work? And congratulations on your greatly improved condition!! As a U of M grad, I contribute to their cancer center monthly in hopes of seeing more good things coming from them.

Michigan Medicine is great. The genetic testing was done for (1) the clinical trial I was looking to get into (didn't need, as it turned out) and (2) the MI-ONCOSEQ project (I think that's it), which builds a database. They didn't disclose either result. All I got was an excited call from Dr Reichert telling me that I had the signature described in the FDA approval for Keytruda, of the previous May. MSI-HIGH and/or MMR something, I think. Sorry I don't know more, but they gave me next to no information.


(repeat from my previous post of today at 5:41 PM EST)

Immunotherapy for my stage IV lung melanoma.

(Treated at MSKCC)

After 16 Treatments of Keytruda starting 02/07/2017 and last treatment on 1/10/2008 my tumor shrunk from 2.4 x 2.2 cm. to a decreased residual ill-defined left lower lobe metastasis, barely perceptible.

I met with Dr and based upon my CT Scan of 01/26/2018 he said that I do not need any more treatments (if any) for 3 months. Each treatment is $30K

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Thursday 03/08/2018 10:21 PM EST

Immunotherapy doesnt work for us all, but you wont know unless you have Tumor sample Sequencing done, most Oncologist Will wait for CRPC and advise on testing then when Cancer may have mutated?, Response on conventional treatment is lucrative unfortunatly.

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