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Keytruda Immunotherapy Update

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After running through pretty much most of the available SOC, I got a Hail Mary with a genetic test indicating I was MSI-H (micro satellite instability high) and thus approved for Pembrolizumab. After 4 cycles (12 weeks) of Pembro (Keytruda) my PSA went from 86 to undetectable: < 0.01. Just started cycle 5 yesterday. I was pretty much undetectable after cycle 3 < 0.07 (different lab). So far very minimal side effects (knuckles in my hands were aching so taking some ibuprofen to help with that) and all my labs look great. I did some high dose radiation to some bone mets during cycles 1 and 2 as I read that could help the T-cells bring the hammer down on the PC.

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fantastic!! Best of luck!!

Its great to hear good news!

Awesome, I see genetic testing in my future.

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Check out Foundation Medicine/ Foundation One

Great news. May your excellent response continue for many years

Wonderful!! SO happy for you! Congratulations!!

Hello Chugach,

It’s Linda again. Hope this finds you doing well. If you don’t mind me asking.......were there any noticeable benefits after only one round of Keytruda (like PSA drop) ? My dad has just had his second infusion but PSA went up after the first round. I’m wondering if the effects are cumulative and will be seen after infusion 3 or 4.

Thanks in advance

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I never mind questions. I actually didn’t get a PSA reading before the second infusion- so I don’t know. but a continued rise prior to going down has happened to me on chemotherapy, 3rd infusion before dropping. I wish you the best

Thank you, Chugach 😊

Just curious did your insurance approve the Keytruda?

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Yes - it is considered standard of care for any cancer type with the correct genetic markers. There is a co-pay that is insane, but Merck has a co-pay assistance program that can cover out of pocket expenses.

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Tbrum in reply to Chugach

Thank you for that info my oncologist said insurance would not pay. Good luck in your journey. this gives me hope.

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