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Has anyone tried Zenzedi or Sunosi?

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I am struggling trying to find relief from excess sleepiness, focus, motivation, etc. not diagnosed as narcolepsy - yet. I've tried Vyvanse, Ritalin, Focalin, Adderall , Provigil, anti depressants, and combos. None have provided substantial benefits. Anyone? About to start Effexor.

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Sorry. No experience with those meds. Ritalin works well for me. Hope you get the meds that works for you.

I was on Effexor a year ago and it worked for me for awhile and then not so good. Unfortunately I became very agitated towards my boyfriend and life in general. It did help me stay focused. I stopped taking it because of the agitation.

I hope you find something that works for you. I'm still struggling with finding the right medication.

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I’m on Zenzedi 20 mg, I use it as a booster to Vyvanse when I know I’m going do work in the evening. Or I take it on days that I want to take a break from the Vyvanse. It works good last through out the day, definitely a good 4-6 hours hours, you don’t feel a drop from it. If I do take it and need a boost, i take a half pill to get through the rest of the day. I find that i usually don’t have to. When I do take it in place of the Vyvanse it’s on the weekend.

TY - very helpful!

my grandad used to say "there"s a pill 4 every ill! " c"mon leave the chemicals alone, use what u already possess man, getout of that chemical need and try to home into yr centre if u can and i say this with max concer.n ,i guess


I can tell you one thing for sure. You should try Nuvigal. It is great to get you up and moving and I know that it is used for Narcolepsy. Ask your Dr. I mean it!! I think you would like it. I can’t believe they didn’t try that already. Good Luck!

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TY I did Provigil with zero results.

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But Nuvigal is different.

I have a great suggestion. Try Nuvigal. It works great for me. Keep me posted if you try it. Good luck! 👍🏻

Nuvigal is different from Provigal.

Have you tried vyvanse and provigil together? You can also replace provigil with Nuvigil, which is a stronger version of the same med. Vyvanse stopped working for me years ago and I currently take mydayis 50mg and Nuvigil 300mg (1.5 200mg pill is how I get to 300mg) on the mornings I actually get out of bed.

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Thank you! Yes, I am currently taking 60 mg vyvanse, 4o mg celexa and 40 mg prozac. I will ask about the vyvanse / nuvigil combo. TY

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Let us know how it works if your dr is ok prescribing it.

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Cool, will do - Thanks!

hi! i know this thread is a little old but this may be of help to someone—i recently started sunosi and so far it’s worked wonders for me. not experiencing the extreme side effects i had from adderall and other stimulants, not as anxious or uncomfortable as armodafanil, but i’m finally feeling alert enough to do things i’ve been neglecting for years. i can make myself meals again, clean again, and focus in classes. only downside is a bit of nausea in the beginning and occasional heart palpitations/anxiety—but in my opinion it’s totally worth it!

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Thank you!!!

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