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Sick of fighting the system where is the help


under pressure from hell. Mental health shit I've got ADHD complex PTSD co morbidities as in stopped drinking 3 yrs ago , was abroad diagnosed cirrhosis can't speak on phone as mentally unstable no help with none of me illness as they think I'm pissed at appointments me ADHD worste ain't left house 2 yrs as to ill hospital mind games saying oh you don't have bad liver hip replacement ain't worked I'm not taking the quietpin they make me suicidle been waiting on parole 5months see if the bloke comes out after 11yrs what he done to me over six hours , ain't even getting help to move I moved now in panick of him knowing where I live I wanna beat the bird up I exchanged with the dirty animal and out of area now and at 54 I'm done with tests referrals nothing no help isolated Lonlely no. One at all but me daughter ADHD adult lives in own world imbeyhond depressed sick of all mugging me off even me 4adult kids don't no I'm gone there up there own selfs well life is fading fast no one to talk to no help in pain in body ,worse in me head I feel. Like walking out and leaving it all as now I got nothing not even me health just parinoia

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Geetings friend,

What your spirit expressed here i felt. And you are not alone. Yes, the PTSD is very serious and its comorbid interplay with ADHD is so bewildering.

Yes, it feels like your all alone yet do not let these dark moments make you think that you do not have a hope. Or make you believe the false escape of suicidal thoughts.

Your right the answer is not in medication, it in knowing the Most High and receiving His salvation. Not going to preach to you, just telling you i have been through the drinking, been, through the dark side of depression, been through emotional abuse, been through long durations psychological distress, got away from the system and all their bull-shit-co-dependent false solutions.

When all you can do is hold on, then hold on tight! You hear. One step at a time, your right you have to protect yourself yet, you need help to move it will push you past your limits. ADHD, PTSD, and health issues all together will be like going through a tornado, then getting hit by an avalanche.

My friend, I live overseas right now, i can not help you physically, yet, to talk i can when i can, and your in a nation of good fellows where you can find the help you need. Do not remain isolated - it will destroy you. You have to have a support group that supports you and does not rely on just one thing or another.

SO WHERE is the help you ask?

Be still, and know that the All Mighty IS who He is, and then have calmness and confidence in Him from the depths of your soul and you will receive the answer. I know i have lived it more than a few times.

My best to you friend, my name is bradford you me and many others closer than you think. One step at a time one problem at a time. Do not get overwhelmed or anxiety will beat you without mersey from within. Yet, joy comes fresh with each morning. Never let your hope be kept captive and never let your your self settle for anything less than pure FREEDOM! With all my heart i feel you. Your not alone.

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I agree with everything you've said. Faithful, please listen, we are all here to help you. Will citizens advice not listen to you. With all my love Lynne xxxx

Please dont give up! I've been there and I had to find a trauma counselor to see my symptoms. I kept talking and talking, not able to stay on one subject. I was paranoid, had problems with doctors, and didnt know there to turn. She saw the adhd combo and ptsd. When I found a doctor she sent the diagnosis. I was mentally paralyzed and brain was running 200mph. Dont worry alone.

Until i found a doctor I started taking supplements for brain functioning. I went to a nutrition and supplement store. Dont forget to eat. Healthy microwave meals. I couldnt cook. I started talking to a few friends and Forced myself outside. I went out in Nature, to stay here and now, go barefoot, splash around in water, touch things, name out loud, objects in your house, i watched americas funniest home videos on youtube. I journaled all my thoughts, so i didnt keep them in my head. Your not alone. I write down things on post it notes, like, Stay Calm, its the disorders, not me. And put them around where i would see them everywhere. Because i couldnt remember how to calm myself down. I watched youtube videos on self help counselors.

Anything i needed to remember, i needed to write it down and put it so I could see it. Your not alone.

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I'm so grateful for your reply it's like I'd write it meself I've moved by the sea the place is not like the one I had but like you all I want is to be around non judgemental no matter what I've Dione in this life and belive me I been nightmare but I've also done good just moved from abroad back England then by the sea so I go to the water swim if it's not that bad as me health bless your heart for giving me back hope Thankyou .

Greetings Faithfull,

Good to read your update here, and glade our friend opened up those personal examples you could connect with. Its hard for me to speak that way here, so is great that we are big community.

I have thought about what you shared here about swimming and i remembered how a few months back when i left the oppressive situation i was in for 10 years, that i found myself camped by the sea for the first two months and it was a priceless gift to get in the water.

The sea had been one of the things greatly withheld from me over the years, and it is very special to me so i actually had a real hard time with being back at it again. I slowly had to force myself everyday to go in and stay just a little longer than the day before. Eventually i was swimming again after years and smiling with great joy.

Then as i started feeling the intensity of my emotions pushing me to the edge with anxiety or a strange discomfort that was like a wrestling match in my head that wore out my heart - i would just go jump in the water and it was so comforting. It was like my blood was on fire from what i was dealing with inside of me and the water just cooled it down.

So glade you can swim, so glade you feel hope again, hold onto it my friend, sometimes the wind blows in clouds and a storm, yet many times we can see a rainbow after it rains - the promise of a brighter day.

Stay Faithfull and may we all find freedom in ADHD and PTSD.

Thank you my heaven is in the sea no pain I've always been drawn to the water watch it for hours also a log fire stupid one but true washing matching gong round it's terrible lonely it's really getting me down but unless I go to a place where there my age ADHD or any mental health or ex drug and drink I don't feel I fit in as I get really high as done go

Out thanks xx

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Find a social worker, department of social services? AN advocate. Someone who you're comfortable with. If you dont feel comfortable with them, ask for a new one. Tell them you have adhd and you need help finding a doctor that can help you. Tell them you have anxiety because your executive functioning is not working. Executivefunctioning is the ability to use what you already know. If you can find a adhd accessment online, answer the questions and print it out. Give it to the social worker. Write down what you need to say.

I couldnt keep Anything from coming out my mouth. I would talk and talk. I would talk myself into trouble. I would tell them I have adhd and ptsd. I was already diagnosed with adhd 10 yrs ago.

These are serious disorders, adhd and ptsd combined with the extreme anxiety that comes with it. I couldnt function right to save my life, literally. I recognized your typing pattern. Dont give up, keep fighting for your right to not be judged.

Nor did the doctors seem to care or understand how bad it is. They got to go home after 5pm, and carry on with life. I was re living the trauma constantly and trying to get Anything done in real time is impossible. Going to the bathroom, i would forget why I went into the bathroom and by the third time in there, I would almost not make it. I had one doctor prescribe the wrong medication and was upset I wouldnt take it. She didnt tell me why I should take it, any side effects, etc. That traumatized me even more. I couldn't stay at hospital. I was paranoid and scared the doctors would think they know whats best for me and give me the wrong prescription, which could make things worse. In my mind, there was no room for errors if I was already 5ft 11inches underground.

Please find a social worker, you need An advocate. Someone to speak on your behalf. I've tried to break it down because I desperately needed someone to break it down for me in the middle of hell. Your not alone. Stay hydrated.

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You are fantastic you all on

Here looks like the story of me life your one definately the some one step in. Going Drs tomorrow thanku you helped me so much God bless you cx

I hope your appointment went well. Let us know how you got on.

Traumatised go as got to many health and mental been told no cirrhosis of liver five times it's been u have u ain't no tablets monthly I've been on them 20yrs and have to go weekly I still ain't been refered to mental health

Faithfull in reply to Hopeful888

GP traumatised her as of so many health probs gotta have meds weekly and colonoscopy worse test on me yet still no mental health nothing but I'm calling another appointment tommorrow

Faithfull in reply to Hopeful888

Replying again it did make me laugh as I talk me self into what am I on about

Have you tried MIND? If it's taking forever to get seen to and you really need to see someone it might be worth booking an appointment with them.


We may not be swimming in the same sea, or standing on the same island, or in the same time zone, yet, we all go through the same seasons in the course of time.

And when we come to a new season, or a new time for something, then we will find ourselves maybe even watching washing machines go around. The question seams to be are we moving forward?

You speak of loneliness io hear you. YOu speak of not going around places that will cause you trouble - that is moving forward. You speak of watching the waters in their Natural momentum as you search to find recovery and healing for your momentum to be in healthy harmony - sounds like a good (fitting) use of time for your personal season. Let peace enter your soul where its pleases and let your heart stay grateful for all the beauty that we are given to behold with each day we have.

Its interesting that many people are surrounded by thousands of strangers everyday they feel lonely also. And in our lives we have had seasons of friends and family near, yet still alone with what we felt. Now, we may be more physically alone, yet closer to meeting ourselves in truth and and positive support more than ever before.

I sit now in a field in Greece under an olive tree where i live till the next chapter comes, and i can still talk as i need to people like you England and others in America as i put all the pieces together in my mind and life to keep moving forward.

So let me leave you for now with a smile my friend and talk to you another time.

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