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Where to find professional help


Hello! I have been looking for a psychologist for some time already but I have no idea where to search since 1) I live in Moscow, Russia so it is not as well developed here as abroad in the USA/EU/etc 2) generally I need someone with intercultural experience like my own personality OR (better "and") if I want to overcome at least only ADHD - someone with good expertise in ADHD. Please, where do I find professional help? Online is ok, abroad even better, for reasonable prices (in comparison salaries in RU are lower so I might not just afford 100$ per session). I am getting more and more deeper depressed because I cannot achieve what I want in life because of ADHD... It is very sad without a professional assistance. (Also I dont have mental support from friends/family, it's just me).

Thank you in advance for the recommendations and

Take care, fam!

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Look for a community on Facebook or ask your doctor. Whoever diagnosed you with ADHD should have recommendations for a psychologist or at least a support group. Unfortunately it is going to be expensive if you want a ADD coach or someone who has a focus on that topic since it is a specialty in the US. If you really think you need extra help, then I would find a coach that best suits you and have check ups once or twice a month and see if they charge for email correspondences. Good Luck!

Bina_ in reply to AEppinette

Facebook community sounds like something. 👏 ADHD is self-diagnosed based on the research I have made and comparing it to my inner patterns of thoughts and behavior. I am quite mind-full and self-conscious to manage it. But I have no one around to ask - this is why I am here.

Thank you for the comment!

AEppinette in reply to Bina_

I strongly reccommend you get an official diagnosis. That way you can get accomandations with work, medication, and recognize what has been specifically affecting your life. Is it time management? or focusing for long periods of time? forgetfulness? When you realize what is impeding your life you can then start making a plan for advancement. I have a hard time focusing on tasks and remembering details. I have several clocks in my bedroom and have a timer for when I am doing a task. 25 minutes working, 5 minutes of rest. I have recognized when I am completely out of energy during a task and move on to something else to keep the day productive. I keep to a certain schedule and have charts of chores or routines to make sure I do everything. When I have completed a task, I will give myself a sticker. It sounds juvenile, but it works for me.

Bina_ in reply to AEppinette

Yes, I am really looking forward for a professional assistance. I have already failed an exam at university because I either cannot go far to the uni in the morning, or start studying by myself or keep distracting myself with other thoughts about my life or the world or sticking to the idea "i need to do ...." (for example, eat corn flakes/chips that i dont have now so i keep trying to make a decision either to go to a store and spend money, time, energy, if yes, which one to buy and where or try to convince myself i dont need it, save money, dont eat sugar etc - all it can take an hour or so). Even right now today I needed to study this course! But every time "ok, i will eat and i will do. Ok I will watch a short video on youtube and I will do" and when I actually open it, I will feel falling asleep (even if it will be a middle of the day) or whatever I come up with... My physical and mental are just refusing to do something...

StoneJeweler in reply to Bina_

The food you eat makes a big difference! Whole Foods, organic if possible, no fast food or packaged either they have a lot ingredients that can cause cancer. after going shopping I will fill a bowl with organic fruit, and veggies and cut them up sometimes and make a favorite dip like avocado, or other favorites. I find if I do this, I don't have to think about food, I grab that bowl and dip if I want. Doing this helps cut down on all your self talk. Many fruits are sweet without sugar! it takes most people with ADD a lot longer to get things done. So don't berate yourself, acknowledge this fact and accept who you are and that's OK. When I can't decide what to do, I ask myself what is the most important for me to do? I don't question myself about what to do, I just start on that important thing. You don't have to finish it, but at least get started, the next time it will be easier because you already began the project . Get a doctor to diagnose what you have and this will open many doors for you. Is the video something you really like? What food do you eat before the video? Usually there will be many foods you eat that cause drowsiness. Cakes, pasta, cookies, candy all make you tired afterwards when your blood sugar spikes with a donut and quickly causes your blood sugar to drop low and cause you to be tired. Your body and mind have a direct link to the food you eat. Hope this helps a little. And it's OK to slow your life down some. Your mind and body will work better. And if it doesn't that's OK too

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