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Why is it so hard to get help for something that impacts so much?

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I'm so exhausted in trying to find help I need. I can't stand the thought of sitting down with one more medical professional who'd rather "tell" me what I feel or need, instead of "listening" to me about my concerns. Someone who will engage in a back and forth conversation about it in order to better understand. Living with anxiety and ADHD all my life has me constantly feeling like a poser as it is. It's not something I want to feel in what's supposed to be a safe place where I'm having to speak about my most vulnerable traits. I also don't want to feel like a horrible person for requesting medication therapy when I've had years of successful therapy that has included it.

I've needed to get back to a doctor for my ADHD, anxiety, and OCD. I have been off any treatment for around a year now. The last psych doctor I had made me feel so ashamed and so weak for having the mentioned conditions. He even wanted to reverse my ADHD diagnosis based solely on the fact that I didn't fail his computer test. (Just because I was able to champion my wild mind during that test doesn't mean my diagnosis is wrong. It means I've accomplished something awesome that morning) It's worth mentioning he did change his mind about it after an 1.5h session. (Damage had already been done though). Because of all that, I've been suffering with no help.

Does anyone know a professional who actually understands what ADHD really and truly is, and is willing to work with their patients to find the best plan of action? Someone in the Baton Rouge/Gonzales/Prairieville, Louisiana. I've searched through lots of sources, but nothing that can give me this kind of information.

I am so sorry for the lengthy post. I am new at this. I thank you all so very much for just being here. That means the world.

Peace and love to you all!!!

26 Replies
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You will probably need to see a psychologist or counselor in addition to a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist can prescribe your medications and your other help will hopefully come from a psychologist or counselor. You might have to try several before you find one that is the right fit for you.

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Blynn922 in reply to BlessedLady

Another psychiatrist is what I am hoping to find. I had a great one for a long time but he has since retired and it has been nothing but a nightmare trying to find help ever since.

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Gettingittogether in reply to Blynn922

The retired guy didn't make any recommendations?

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Blynn922 in reply to Gettingittogether

He did. Unfortunately, they were not accepting new patients at that time. Then good ole procrastination and avoidance kicked in so it snowballed from there

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I’m so sorry that you weren’t treated in a dignified manner! Please even consider telemedicine services so that you can get the help that you deserve. You need to be able to feel better soon. I wish you the very best. Don’t give up. Speak up to get the help that you need. There are caring healthcare providers out there. Perhaps you could ask ADDA or CHADD to give you guidance about who can help in your area. It’s worth trying. Good luck.

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Blynn922 in reply to notflighty

Thank you so much for the kind words. I just filled out some forms for a new patient call back. It appears to be an open minded and very supportive psychiatry group. Fingers crossed. 😊

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BlessedLady in reply to Blynn922

Online only doctors cannot prescribe Schedule II medications like Adderall.

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Blynn922 in reply to BlessedLady

They do both virtual and physical appointments, but thank you so much for letting me know. That will most definitely help prevent any miscommunication moving forward. 😊 Again, ty so much for taking the time to help. I am very grateful to you

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lostphone in reply to BlessedLady

It depends on the state. I am treated with adderall by the clinician I am seeing virtually.

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notflighty in reply to lostphone

Give info to Blynn922

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BlessedLady in reply to lostphone

In a few states, psychologists can write prescriptions. Louisiana is not one of them. Unless the psychologist also has a medical degree.

Federal Law prevents being able to write Schedule II medications without a relationship between doctor and patient. This law was relaxed during the pandemic. but things are going back to normal.

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STEM_Dad in reply to BlessedLady

Or, according to news I found of a law passed almost 20 years ago in Louisiana, if the psychologist has a pharmo-psychology degree (that's a lot of syllables) AND is coordinating care with the patient's doctor.

I'm sure if a psychologist/licensed counselor and medical doctor are coordinating care, then it should be possible to get both the medication and other care needed.

I'm in another state, by I was diagnosed by a licensed counselor. My doctor had me fill out a computer questionnaire to confirm the diagnosis to his satisfaction, and he prescribed my meds.

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BlessedLady in reply to STEM_Dad

The psychologist recommends to the patients primary care what medication to prescribe and the primary care doctor writes the prescription. Although it is totally up to the primary care doctor what the prescription is written for.

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notflighty in reply to BlessedLady

I wondered how that would be handled! What do they do, have you see another healthcare provider for scripts? Oy vey!

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Blynn922 in reply to notflighty


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notflighty in reply to Blynn922

I sincerely hope that you get the best care possible! Then…you can discover all of the good things inside of you!

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Hey Blynn922- yes the judgment about ADHD is ugly. Everything u wrote is so true. If your current lead for an ADHD doc doesnt work out , i have a suggestion- your previous doc gave you recommendations but they werent accepting new patients… can you ask them who they might recommend? bc its unlikely that you were the only patient with ADHD that your former provider treated. I had to go thru this same thing. It was exhausting and made my ADHD worse during that timehope this new lead to a doc proves successful!!

ps- it makes zero sense on why medical providers require us ADHD people to complete 100 page questionnaires to see if we have ADHD when one of our main adult struggles is to do this exact type of thing- if we took the same questionnaire ever day we would likely have different answers each day…. unless we were being properly treated in the first place !?!?! geeeez


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notflighty in reply to wtfadhd

I sooooooooo agree! Every time I see your user name I giggle. Just saying… 🤣

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wtfadhd in reply to notflighty


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Blynn922 in reply to notflighty

Yes indeed!!! Awesomeness!!! 😂

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I felt this so much Bylynn922 😩4 years ago I took one computer test and it made me question myself every time I saw a doctor for years afterwards. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I know how crappy it feels but you know yourself and the right fit is out there!

I ended up seeing a telehealth psychiatrist myself. It’s not ideal to not see each other in person, but since I knew my ADHD mind so well (which sounds like you do!) it was easy for me to explain my symptoms, and for them to understand.

I recommend seeing someone that specializes in ADHD— this also helped me tremendously. It felt like a very safe place to express my needs without being questioned. I’d recommend looking up doctors online in your area that specialize in ADHD.

I’m in Washington State, though my doctor is 3 hours drive away, it’s nice to have the option to travel to them just in case. But honestly, telehealth psychiatry has been wonderful for me! Hope that helps!! Sending positive vibes your way 💜

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I’m in Washington also and my doctor is a 3 hour drive too. I think the virtual appointments are way underrated. It’s been way easier to get the appointments. The new thing with the veterans affairs is if you are on a stimulant then you have to see your prescriber every month. Sadly the computer test have been proven to be wrong. I have spoken with many people who were told they didn’t have ADHD because of the that test. It’s a little annoying.

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I was really hoping to do the virtual appointments. I have the worst time making myself go to those apps. Unfortunately my adhd challenges are just the first part of t his novel lol

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I don't have much faith in this test people have mentioned. I took a computerized questionnaire, but not a test.

I checked out info about one test someone mentioned elsewhere, and from what I saw, I thought my brain would treat it like a game. (Hello hyperfocus!) One test wouldn't account for all aspects of ADHD. There would have to be a whole battery is tests, like what's done with kids who have learning disabilities. (I used to schedule those tests for a school, so I have a little idea that a full assessment is more than just a single test.)

ADHD can also be diagnosed using observation and taking a history. It's not the same for all people, and it's certainly not one-dimensional.

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Blynn922 in reply to STEM_Dad

From what I understand there are a few different computerized test options the docs can choose from. And I'm the same way. I live for a challenge and nothing was going to fuel me more than this computer threatening to call me out if I failed. My mind would never have let me fail. Im gonna say this much though. This doc was bad on many different levels. He literally TOLD me I wasn't diagnosed by any psychiatrist. (Even though all my past records were right in front of him.) Then I realized he was insulting my doc by saying he didn't know what he talking about and that no doctor in my parish does) wow

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I feel your frustration and weariness! Please don't let anyone ever make you feel like a horrible person. You are not weak, and you have nothing to be ashamed about! You have every right to advocate for yourself, and get second, third, fourth opionions. And you are not a poser. You've simply done what you've had to do to function and "fit in" the best you can.

If a doctor can't objectively measure a subjective symptom or disorder, the bias factor skyrockets, and sadly, more so when you're a female. The incompetent doctors you've encountered are the ones who should feel weak and ashamed.

Hang in there! You're not alone.

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