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What are some things to do when having a mental block, and not beign able to study?

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Hello! This is my first time posting, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules.

My problem is that a couple of days during the month, I'm hit with the feeling of beign extremely tired ( barely have the energy to hol. Even though I don't change my diet. And I eat very healthy, and don't drink and work out regularly.

The only medication I'm currently on is Voxra, which is an antidepressant containing dopamin and noradrenaline. Mostly because my diagnosis havn't been finished.

So my question is: If anyone has dealt with something similair, and if so how'd you deal with it?

Thanks in advance!

///Kind regards Ankianka.

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First of all, I'd like to say I am a little jealous that it only happens to on a couple time a month. I get that feeling, on average, once a week. What often helps me is figuring out why I feel that way and trying to solve the problem. Here is a link to a checklist that you can go through to help you out. You can also make your own checklist or modify this one. I would suggest keeping it somewhere you are likely to be when you need it.


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Thank you for this! I do appriciate it, I honestly am also tierd almost always. It's just a day or two of the week, when I barely have energy to even hold up my phone, I even have to take breaks from it.

I will definetly try some of the tips listed. Hope that one day we'll both feel better! My heart goes out to you ❤.

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happy_kitty in reply to Ankianka

By the way, I like your profile pic. It's really cute. I like animals.

Get on a proper ADHD diet. Remove fake sugars and aspartame from your diet. Eat more fish or take fish oil supplements

Did some research on the subject.

Direct quote from the study:

"The studies are relatively old, had few participants and only assessed the effect of short-term exposure. The studies may therefore have missed small effects, effects that only occurred in a minority of children, or after long-term exposure. Furthermore, two of the studies compared two food components with proposed harmful effects (sugar and aspartame), so it may not be possible to evaluate the effect of any of these compounds. At present, the literature does not support the theory that sugar, or any other sweetener, causes symptoms of ADHD in children.".

Source: tandfonline.com/doi/full/10...

But since I drink a lot of diet sodas I will have to look further in on the subject.

///Kind regards

This is a good read


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