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What do you do when you loose interest in things?


Hi. I'm new here and finding it hard to find interest in most everything. I can't seem to force myself into doing the things I need to do. As if it hurts.

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Losing interest in things is fairly common with ADHD. We seek the new and the novel, and it's easy to give up on projects when they become boring or tedious. There are lots of tips and suggestions to work around that. Jessica from HowToADHD did a video on taking on new hobbies/habits on her channel which is worth checking out. What's also important though is to figure out why you keep starting and finishing things. Maybe it's a matter of seeking stimulation or maybe it's a matter of something like depression or loneliness. ADHD isn't the only cause for wandering attention or interests.

The question is, is this shifting of interest causing you problems? If so, how? Do you want to change that? If so, why?

Whatever you decide to do, know that losing interest in things is normal, even for people without ADHD. It's important to decide what things are important and not just interesting so that you can find ways to stay engaged with what matters.

I'm not very accepting of myself when I loose interest in things, especially when it goes on for weeks at a time. But you are right, I am also lonely and that along with the loss of interest makes me depressed.

I have gone through a similar experience...and one crucial tip...regardless of how you feel...try to itleast keep moving...and not sit doing nothing but feeling this pain...move through it, bc the longer you stay feeling trapped in this horrible feeling...the harder it is to feel better. There can be many reasons at the root of this...how long have you felt this way?

Spirit_Blue in reply to B19B

That's really good advice. I have "sat" for about a month and a half now. I know I'm depressed and very lonely and my meds just aren't working the way they used to.

B19B in reply to Spirit_Blue

There are new meds coming out all the time...so, check into switching meds and possibly a higher dosage. Loneliness can definitely lead to major depression...connecting w/ other people and nurtering those relationships is one of our most basic human needs!!! Do you have any pets? Animals can help a lot!!!

Spirit_Blue in reply to B19B

I used to live way out in the mountains with my husband of 15 years, no kids but I had 13 cats, 2 dogs, fish and lizards. My ex surprised me with a divorce and I wound up at my Dad's place. I don't have friends near by and this town doesn't offer much in the way of meeting people. I still have 2 cats and my bearded dragon. I've been close to reopening my online business but these periods of lost interest have stopped me. I have to be able to send out orders and when I'm like this, even that seems impossible. My doctor hasn't said anything about new meds but I will ask him. Unfortunately, my next appnt isn't until January - he's always booked 2 to 3 months out. I've been on Adderall for close to 15 years.

I am right where your at right now. My doc switch me to Dextroamphetamine ER. It's not working, and I have been sitting around my house for several months. Next month I am going back to name brand Adderal XR the name brand from an online pharmacy, It's expensive, but on line it's over half the price. I also started taking SAME and next week I am adding a fermented mushroom complex. My insurance and my Doc kept me off the generic adderal since August. My insurance kept denying what my doctor prescribed.and they kept changing the generic they would approve.

I crashed my car and am unable to find another one because I can't get a ride to check out what's for sale. I have been asking my neighbors for a ride to the grocery store and getting there occasionally. I finally found a program thru the state that will pick me up once a week along with several others and we go to a grocery store, pharmacy, post office and if there is time we can pick other places. That at least gets me out of the house and pick up things I need. But the rest of the time : I have started using my computer a lot more. making semi-precious jewelry to sell. I can't work, no friends, and I live out in the country. I. looked at Uber, but they charge $60+ one way. I am looking into finding a therapist familiar with ADD, no luck so far. My psychiatrist doesn't help, but I need to see her to for my prescriptions. I have started meditating again, but it is hard for me to follow through most of the time.

I know this is depression and that it is getting worse.

I do know that I have to keep trying and that there is a solution/s for me, I just get so tired of waiting.

In regard to new meds I suggest you go online and you will be able to keep up. Also look into other things; herbs, tonics, Chinese herbs, and supplements.

I have been treating my ADD for a long time and I was doing fine until I had to switch to generics.

I'm doing all of that. Maybe it's my age. Been on the meds for so long. I also make semi-precisous jewelry and I used to do all the lapidary work (lost interest in it). I've also written 3 articles for Jewelry Artist (Lapidary Journal) and was featured in Rock-n-Gem magazine. Oh, those were the days.

While I am depressed I do not want toward on my jewelry either. It is something I have loved to do in the past. I find that if I keep going to my bench; and I may pick up something or clean some silver. And I keep doing that without putting any pressure on myself to make something. I may go online and look at what people have been doing. just anything. Buy some intriguing piece that stimulates my brain. Eventually I will go back to my work. I know that when I was creating things I was happy. I know that I can get back into it, start feeling better. I am just at that stage now, sitting and letting my mind start thinking of things to create. I may go away and not do anything may times until something clicks and an Idea pops into my brain. It is harder this time, but it's getting better. I would love to see those articles, I do have a large selection of Lapidary Journal. I am 67 so what?

p.s. Maybe look into Humana Pharmacy. ;)

headlu in reply to StoneJeweler

Do you find a BIG DIFFERENCE in generics vs.name brand?My Adderall no longer helping but my ins.will only pay for generic.The name BRAND is outrageously priced is it not?I know for sure TEVA generic is the only one that used to be effective a lot of others I swore to pharmacist PLACEBO lol Wondering if a tolerance to years of Addera USAGE??

Spirit_Blue in reply to headlu

Yes, tolerance is very possible. I have only used generic (over 10 years now). But I understand what you are saying, it's like it stops working. I found some information just yesterday about supliments to help our brain. And these are redily available at any health food store and online. I'm trying 2 products to begin with. Anyway, check it out for yourself... nootropicsexpert.com/best-n...

That's why I made myself go get a sychiatrist and therapist. I did the best I could do on my own. But I needed more help. & Finally accepted that if I didn't get help I would not do more ,I would end up completely lost and I didn't want to end up any worse than I was....it takes time, and LOTS of patience. Took me over a yr to get my med. Right. And then took some time to get used to it.

I'm very grateful to myself for seeking out the help I needed.

Work in progress still but a whole lot better than I was!

This has been a struggle since middle school (I am now 38). In the 2 decades prior to me seeking treatment, it was painful. However, now I try not to get discouraged my house is full of things my brain has an on and off again relationship with. Instead of get discouraged, I set that thing aside (physically or mentally, which ever applies) and most likely I will pick up something else that was previously set aside.

An example, I have about 4 unfinished sculptures sitting in my bedroom (my avatar is one of them lol). I was on a "kick" with those for a while and then my brain said, "meh". That is when I picked up the guitar that was collecting dust in the corner of the room.

Spirit_Blue in reply to rtistics

I went from a major in photography to stainedglass, silk screening, graphic design, web design, interior decorating, cooking, baking, sewing, jewelry making, lapidary art, skin care, painting, candle carving and mineral makeup. I could open a store with the amount of products I have.

rtistics in reply to Spirit_Blue

I started playing piano in 4th grade, drums in 6th, picked up a guitar in 8th grade. Started playing with computers in middle school. My degree is in Digital Media (Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, 3d Modeling, etc). I draw, I paint (poorly lol), and I sculpt. I ditched graphic design 10 years ago. I started a (semi successful) YouTube channel to teach web development (as I was learning it myself). Now I am a full time software engineer (web/app developer). If I am not learning or creating something at all times I am likely in a hidden state of turmoil.

Spirit_Blue in reply to rtistics

That last sentence... me too!

rtistics in reply to Spirit_Blue

... and it isnt always "hidden" lol. I try as hard as I can to not let it show though :)

Spirit_Blue in reply to rtistics

I understand and will literally hide, especially from my Dad. He worries about me so I try to just avoid him on really bad days. I live on his property, luckily in my own place.

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